I have a long-standing love of Le Metier de Beaute – a luxe, niche beauty company that can be found at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf.  You may not have even heard of them, unless you’re a connoisseur of super high-end beauty products that you can’t really afford, yet can’t help but adore.

I first discovered LMdB years ago, when i was on the hunt for the perfect black liquid eyeliner, and stumbled across their Precision Eyeliner in Noir. This eyeliner is THE most perfect black liquid liner for daytime – because it’s a soft, yet buildable, black as opposed to the super-dark Vanta Black shades that are ubiquitous today. If you want to get a super-dark line, you can – just give it an extra swipe across the lash-line.

Not that there’s anything at all wrong with a deep, dark, intense black, but for daytime wear, i often want something a bit…softer.  This eyeliner is exactly that. It’s definitely black, but has a dark brown undertone to it, which makes it excellent for when you want something a bit less harsh in your black liquid liner.  Not only that, but it stays put all day, and is so easy to use that even the liquid liner novice will have no trouble wielding it. The pen itself is tiny and slim – but it will last you just about a year, depending upon your usage. It doesn’t dry out, or fray, or skip. It’s…well…perfect. And well it should be, at $42!

Le Metier de Beaute is the quintessential proof of the rule, “You Get What You Pay For” in the cosmetics world.  I’m not gonna lie, their products are PRICEY.  I recently picked up the Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complex, a tinted treatment for the face which is INSANE in terms of price; i happened to have a store credit at Neiman’s, and i was so enamoured of this stuff when i tried it, i blew the whole amount on the 2 oz tube.  I was hooked because it’s one of those products that truly skates the fine line between skincare  and makeup;


I love how glowy my skin looks!

It’s touted as a “tinted treatment”, with “92% treatment, 8% colour”, containing Retinol, Hyaluronic acid, Ginseng extract (my precious!), Vitamin C, and LMdB’s propietary Syntoc Actif, which is a delivery system for the active ingredients. This means NO ALCOHOL is used to help things penetrate.  On the skin, it feels like a luxe serum, and the coverage is very sheer and light, indeed. In fact, there are only 2 shades in the large size – and i ended up going with the darker one on the advice of the Beauty Advisor at the Michigan Ave Neiman Marcus here in Chicago (once i find her card, i’ll post her name here, she was lovely), because of the gold undertone. On my neck, before blending, it looks like it will be too dark – however, on my face it works well because of my yellow undertones. Once blended in, you can’t tell that it’s a shade too dark – it imparts a nice, golden glow to my skin instead. And once summer hits, it will be perfect!

I’ll definitely be checking back in to let you know how the Peau Vierge works on my skin over time – from the verdicts of other beauty bloggers i’ve read, i can expect some honest to goodness smoothing effects, as well as increased hydration. As for my first impressions over the past few days, i can say that it most definitely makes my skin look gorgeous – with a healthy, beautiful glow.  This is definitely FAR more money than i’d usually spend on any beauty treatment or makeup – so i’m glad i had the opportunity to get it. In the size tube i got, it should last me about 8 months to a year, as VERY little is needed to cover the entire face and neck area.


LMdB Peau Vierge treatment tint #3,  Precision Eyeliner in Noir, and Dualistic Eyeliner in Azul

LMdB and Neimans being class acts, i was given two full-sized Dualistic Eye Pencils (above is “Azure”), more foundation and skincare samples, and a 7ml rollerball of their new fragrance, Marie (which is absolutely gorgeous, having a rose and violet opening with cedarwood base to give it a bit of punch, and keep it from being cloyingly floral and girly). Then from the store, i got a bag full of perfume and skincare samples, as well as a big, sturdy tote bag.

The eyeliners and perfume are the stars of the gifts i received. The pencils are huge, and the formula is absolutely fantastic; in fact, i can’t believe i’ve never tried these before. The formulation is neither too hard, nor too soft – and the pigmentation is intense, needing only one swipe to give an opaque line.  I didn’t have to sharpen mid-application, being able to line both eyes with the tip remaining sharp and intact. They have a gorgeous pearlescence to them, as well, which i love. I’ll certainly be investing in more of these, in time.

I am crazy about every product i own by LMdB – the quality is undeniable. I had a gorgeous eyeshadow palette from a few years back, and the pigmentation and texture of those were beautiful as well. It’s true, these products are a definite splurge, and in particular, the Peau Vierge is not one i’m apt to indulge in very often; but the one thing that can help justify the price of it, i suppose, is how many good treatment ingredients are packed in there.  Were you to purchase them separately, you’d expect to pay about the same, if not more, for quality products.

Is the Peau Vierge worth the price? I’ll let you know in a couple months. As for the rest of their makeup, i give a resounding YES!


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And that’s all she wrote, Kumquats!  I’d love to know, what’s YOUR favourite splurge brand when it comes to makeup and skincare?  I hope you enjoyed today’s look and reviews – stay gorgeous, people!

XO – Monday