Lately, i’ve been loving a super-bold eye look, with liner all around, and an exaggerated cat-eye. I’ll never be into the whole cubist, cut-crease thing that’s popular on Instagram right now – i’m not much into the fad sort of makeup trends that come and go. I figure i’ll leave that sort of thing to the Millenials, firstly; and second, my eyes are so deep-set, with a super-defined crease as it is, it would make me look positively cartoonish at best…and cadaverous at worst.

However, i DO enjoy some graphic, strong eyeliner. I’m going to be playing around with more looks in future posts, but for today, i kept it relatively simple;



Because i kept the eyeshadow really simple, i felt OK going with a bold lip, as well (as opposed to streetwalker circa 1982).



And, because i’ve got the mindset of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which probably indicates that i – in typical Girl Anachronism form –  should have been a young woman in the 1950’s, i tend to go all matchy-matchy with my clothes and makeup – so i coordinated my super-stylish lilac T-shirt a La Targét with my eyeshadow and lipstick undertone:


I’m just a Girl Anachronism…


I DO love a good colour-coordination! Gives me a sense of order in the Universe.



So, let’s take a look at what i used for today’s makeup, shall we?


All the pretties…


I know, i know – you’ve been seeing a LOT of that Chanel Les 9 Ombres Palette lately! But that’s a GOOD thing – i’ve been getting great use out of it! Plus, of course, i did just get the thing, so it’s my new toy. And, there are so many great colours to play with in it! But i also mixed it up with some NARS, in case you were getting bored…

In this post:


As you can see, i kept the eyeshadow clean and light on the top lids, and smoked it out a bit on the bottom lashes with the smokey grey shade from the Chanel Les 9 Ombres palette, after tight-lining the eyes, and also using the PMG Permagel liner on the outer-corners, extending out to about mid-lash.



I wish i could get away with a lipstick that was even more lilac/purple in tone, but sadly, i can never seem to find one i really like; although i did spy one from Mother McGrath recently that might fit the bill…we shall see! I’m a sucker for all things purple – next to red, it’s my favourite colour.  However, i LOVE this lipstick shade – also by McGrath (who else?). It’s so rich and dimensional, and seems to reflect the colour clothing i’m wearing; if i have on a pink shirt, it looks pinker – if i’m wearing lilac, it looks more purple. SO cool. And as i know i’ve mentioned a gazillion times, these lippies last and last.

Unfortunately for me, today – my eyes are leaking non-stop due to this residual cold i’m dealing with. Which means that no matter HOW great my eyeliner is, it’s eventually going to start running a bit in the corners. So, i’ve had to touch up a bit. Bummer. So, yeah – i’m all prettied up so that i can go straight home, wash it all off, and get my arse into bed with a proper cup of wine and hot home-made chicken soup tonight. With, of course, the requisite kitties curled up at my feet and something binge-worthy on Netflix.

I hope you all enjoyed my Friday FoTD today! I’ll be back with more sometime over the weekend – in the meantime, get out there and have a cocktail for me tonight! Stay ravishing, darlins’ –

XO – Monday