Once again, it’s time for the Friday FoTD – and although i’ve half-decided to just go straight home after work today, i’m all painted up like a hussy, just in case. After all, one does want to be prepared should some irresistible invitation present itself. Or whatever.

ANYway, today i was in a lilac sort of mood – which was the perfect opportunity to play some more with my Pat McGrath MTHRSHP Platinum Bronze palette. I know, i know – i need to do a swatchy-thing for you all. And i will, i promise! I like to get at least one shot in sunlight for these things…and it being Wintertime in Chicago, of course i haven’t seen any for days, except for the briefest little flashes. Le Sigh.

But, in the meantime, here is a good old fashioned Face of The Day post, with all kinds of goodies to ogle over, makeup-wise.  At the end of the post, i will link to all the products i used today.

On my skin, i’m not wearing foundation – the lovely finish on my face comes from the Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge Anti-aging tinted treatment. I’m SO IN LOVE with this not-quite-foundation, not-quite-BB-Cream, wonderful tinted treatment! If you would like to learn more about it, i did an in-depth review a couple days ago – which you may read here. I love how such a teensy amount of sheer tint in this treatment, which contains Vitamin-C to brighten, and Ginseng to improve elasticity, can make my skin look so bloody good!


Attempting to look sultry and mysterious, but only managing to look rather constipated


I’ve also been having great fun with my new Pat McGrath liquid eyeliner, and shadow palette. Just check out those pretty, smoky colours, with the razor-sharp cat-eye. I swear, Mother McGrath can do no wrong! I was waxing poetic about the liner just the other day – and i’m still crazy about it. The killer wings i can create with this baby are second to none. So sharp, so smooth, so black!  Paired with the MTHRSHP palette, the colours and textures therein proving to be almost too good to be true, i’m pretty much in heaven.


PMG Love!

Today, i paired the Subliminal Platinum Bronze palette with my NARS Sugarland Duo, to really give full reign to the whole lilac colour scheme; blending the PMG Deep Velvet – a rich, smoky plum shade – into my corners and crease as well as under the eyes, i applied the peach shade from the NARS Sugarland Duo onto my eyes from lash-line almost to the browbone, carrying it under the eyes beneath the Deep Velvet, then dusting the lilac shade over it on just the lids. Then, to highlight under the brows, i blended in the PMG Platinize shade.  I then took the PMG Precision Liquid Eyeliner and drew a thick, dramatic cat-eye. I absolutely LOVE how smooth and detailed this allows me to get my lines! Under the eyes, mainly in my waterline, i used my new Lancome Drama Liqui-Pencil in Ampoulé, a rich, deep and intense violet. On my brows is the Hourglass Arch Brow Pencil in Platinum Blonde.  Lashes are Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara.

After blending in some concealer around my eye area, and applying my Dr Jart Cicapair cream on red/irritated areas and blemishes, i smoothed on my LMDB Peau Vierge tinted face treatment (don’t forget the neck, too!). I used Pat McGrath LuxeTrance lipstick in Beauty Junkie – a lovely pinky-violet shade. Lastly, i applied my blush; i always wait until after my lips are on to do my blush – that way i don’t overdo it!


Subtle sweep of intense pink blush finishes the look


And there you have it – a bright, polished look to carry me into evening drinks after work! Sometimes, just the simple fact that i’ve put effort into my makeup will decide me to go out. We’ll see how tired i am after work today. I plan on going out Saturday, and i was out last night as well – so my body is telling me i should probably stay in, despite how cute i may look. Ha.



The complete list of What Is On My Face:


Et Voila! All finished.  I hope you liked today’s FoTD!  I had fun putting it on, even if the only people who see it tonight are my cats, Calvin and Fritz. They’re sure to be appreciative.  Are you heading out tonight? Do tell – i can live vicariously through you!

XO – Monday