Apparently my plans to loaf in bed and eat chocolate all day were not to be – because when i looked in the mirror this morning, i was just far too appalled to take it laying down anymore. My roots were just unconscionable – they had gone beyond fashionably grown out and had wandered into Nancy Spungen territory.

So, i trawled my bleeding carcass down to the beauty supply shop, got myself some bleach and toner, and spent the morning with cats in my face, wondering what i’m up to with the brush and bowl and cape, cats trying to stick their paws in the bleach bowl, and cats trying to jump in the sink while i’m applying the bleach, and cats running away in terror at the sight of me in a plastic bleach cap on my head, and cats. And cats. And bleach.

And when it was all over, and the little darlings had quite recovered, i decided i couldn’t waste all this great new hair – so i played with some of my new Chanel Les 9 Ombres palette a little more, as well as my new Tom Ford Automatic Pencil in Azure – which just so happens to go beautifully with the blue in the palette! I also sucked it up and went with a very light, neutral lip again – which is something i don’t often do, but have been making an effort to work with a bit more often for variety’s sake.

I think it turned out quite nicely;


It’s all so very BRIGHT!


The thing – or rather, ONE of the things i really enjoy about having platinum blonde hair is how, when i wear a brightly coloured eyeshadow, it really pops. There really is no hiding with a platinum pixie cut. The makeup is right there for everyone to notice, so doing a nice, bright lip or eye is definitely to one’s advantage.




Aaaaand, i’m just noticing right now that i forgot to put one of the bloody eyeshadows i used in the photo. Le sigh. I will be sure to list it at the end.


I prepped my eyes with concealer (not pictured b/c it’s a sample), then used a pale gold shade from lash-line to brows. I then took the blue and worked it in at the outer-corners, taking it all the way to the orbital socket and blending it in about 3/4 of the way across – then taking a small brush and blending it under the lower lashes as well. Then i used my teal-blue eyeliner under the lashes and inside the waterline. On the top lashes i used a black liquid eyeliner – extending both liners out in a cat eye on the outside corners.

Next, i smoothed on my BB cream, blending it out where needed with my Hakuhodo foundation brush.  Then i applied a little cool-toned pink blush to the apples of my cheeks, blending slightly out towards my temples. To complete the look, i used a yellow-toned finishing powder.

I then filled in my brows with an angled brow pencil in an ashy, platinum blonde.

Finally, i lined my lips in a pinky-nude shade, then used first a satin-finish pink-nude lipstick followed by a lilac-toned glossy lipsick on top. I find when i wear a pale shade, it helps me to wear two shades in order to give some dimension and avoid looking dead.

And of course, perfume. Today, i chose a Tokyo Milk Dark fragrance – “Bulletproof”,  with notes of Smoked Tea, Coconut Milk, Crushed Cedar, and Ebony Woods. It’s quite lovely, perfect with a nice, strong eye makeup look.

Et, voilà!



I could have gotten a little more complicated, I suppose, but to be frank, i’m still riding that Crimson Wave, and i’m ready to drink a glass of red wine and chill out with some Netflix and now properly Catnipped kittens.

What i used in this post:

Stay tuned for a review of my facial oil stash, coming up tomorrow! And more makeup looks, some Sulwhasoo reviews, and more as i delve deeper into the land of some obscure high-end K-beauty brands…dances on toes in excitement

Stay ravishing, my darlings!


By the way, I’m totally going back to bed, now!

XO – Monday