Lately, I’ve been in the mood to switch up my makeup a little bit.  As much as I love my bright,  colorful lipsticks, I have this sudden yearning for heavy, Sophia Lauren/Bridgette Bardot/Edie Sedgwick eye makeup, and a nude, pale lip.

Maybe it’s Spring in the air, who knows?

Anyway, nobody but nobody does a sexy, smoky cat-eye like the amazing  Natasha Denona.  I adore her makeup line, and her style is just…to die.  So, I hopped online and found one of her excellent tutorials on how she does her signature “elongated smoky eye” look.  And, my little Kumquats, I am in love!  The look is so gorgeous, and so easy to do!  And it made me want to go out and buy every peachy-pinky palest of the pale nude lipstick I could find.  I do have a few in my arsenal from when I regularly did that look, but my collection definitely could use an update!  It’s a good thing the Sephora Rouge sale is hitting just in time for my birthday…heh heh heh  * clicking claws together excitedly, a la Mr Burns…

But, in any case, I have still been able to make do with what I’ve got onhand, and I thought I’d share her video with you before I go on with my own take on it; you can let me know how you think I did!



So, as you can see, it is utterly gorgeous, and I want to do my makeup like this ALL THE TIME, now.  A heavy eye and nude lip is so classic, just as is the iconic red lipstick look – and something about this just calls to me, lately.  Below, I will show you what products I used, and what I did to acheive my own take on this gorgeous makeup.

I paid a lot of attention to achieving a pretty glow to the skin, using illuminating primers, as well as Natasha’s own excellent highlight and contour kit, because it’s definitely a part of the overall effect – a Natasha Denona look is all about super glowy skin.

Read on to see more!

All products used will be listed at the end of each look:



For the first look, I used the Dior Electrify eyeshadow palette – it’s mainly blue shades, with an icy pink as the pop colour.  I thought it would be a creative take on the basic concept. I think it turned out pretty nicely – almost as if these shadows were made for this.


Elongated Smoky Cat Eye – Rowr


So, when I do my makeup, I always save my tinted moisturizer or foundation, highlighter, blush, etc. for last; the reason being simply that it’s much easier to clean up eyeshadow fallout on a bare face.  Nothing annoys me more than having to redo foundation and carefully applied highlighter!

Instead, I prep my eyelids only – with concealer and primer.  Currently, I’m using the Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer, and YSL Touche Eclat. To be perfectly honest, I’m not really crazy about the Hourglass concealer.  I’m so used to the amazing, silky, blendable texture of the Cle de Peau concealer, and sadly, while much cheaper, this stuff just doesn’t compare.  However, the Touche Eclat is fantastic as a primer; I just put it right over the concealer, and it makes my shadows pop, as well as stick like glue all day.


Dior Electrify


Next, I went over the entire lid with the pink shade as my base, from lash to crease.  Afterwards, I took  my Le Metier de Beauté Dual Eye Pencil in Azul and lined the outer corners of my lower lashes, extending it out in a wing, then bringing it back onto the upper lash line for the cat-eye.  I only took the line 3/4 of the way across up top, to leave a bit of open space on the inner corners.  Then I took the dark blue as my cat-contour, blending it into the outer corners to the tail of the liner, then taking it in a V shape back into the crease, and also on the lower lashes – only going as far as the liner, about 1/4 across.  Next I used the slightly lighter blue shade as my transition colour, blending it towards the center of the lid, then over the edges of the crease towards the brow bone, and under the lower lashes.  Finally, after blending with a large round eye contouring brush, I lined the eyes again with my black liquid liner, to deepen the look as well as give it a little definition.  On the waterline, I used a pale peach Chanel pencil.


Pale pink nude in Vaporeuse by Chanel


Finally, I popped a bit of the white shade on the inner corners to open up the eyes a bit.  For the nude lip, I used a beige-pink liner, then filled in with a paler pink-nude. Then my base, contour, highlight, then finally blush.  And that’s it!  I realize it’s hard to get what I did without actually seeing the process in action – so I do recommend watching the Natasha Denona video.

What’s on my face:

I also tried the look in warm, sunset colours – which also turned out beautifully:



I can see looking at these photos that I need to extend the tail out a bit more if I want it to be a true recreation of the look – so I’m going to work on that.

Anyway, this time I used the Viseart Sultry Muse palette, which has some gorgeous warm, sunset shades that I adore.  I started out, as before, laying down a light base colour all over the lid:


Viseart Sultry Muse Palette ❤


Next, before laying down anymore shadow, I lined my eyes with a dark bronzed brown eye pencil. This gives a base and guideline for the dark shadow which is placed in the V, and on the outer 3rd of my lower lash line.  I used a deep brown-gold shade for this, using a small, round contouring brush:



Then, as my transition color, using a larger round contouring/blending brush, I went onto the ball of the eye from the outer corners, using a lighter, gold-copper shade – I also placed this just above the crease, and along the entire lower lash line to tie it all together:



Then, going back into the first, light gold base colour, I blended and softened the edges all around. Finally, I used black liquid liner to go over the original line I drew, for depth and definition.



For lips, I went with a peachy nude colour, again by Chanel (I think half my nudes are Chanel lipsticks) – again, lining with a slightly darker shade so there is some definition, depth, and also so I don’t look washed out.


Pale peachy nude – CHANEL Pensive


What’s on my face:

And that’s all, Kumquats!  I’m looking forward to trying my other eyeshadows out with this look – I really dig it so much.  I especially like that I can keep my inner corners clean of eyeliner, as that’s where my eyes tend to water a lot, and I often end up with smeared black mess.  Also, it’s where my kids are a bit crinkly, so liquid liner can run into the tiny, fine lines there. Not a good look.

What do you think of the Natasha Denona Elongated Smoky Eye?  Will you try it?  Let me know what you think in the comments! And stay smokin’, darlings.

XO – Monday