Happy Friday, Sick Little Monkeys!

If you were reading yesterday, then you know i was a wee bit under the weather. However, i lived. And i even managed to get in the shower, get dressed, do my entire skincare regimen, and put on makeup! Not only that, i’ve written a review of two new eye-makeup products for you all. I’ve been testing them both out for about a week now, which i think has given me a pretty good idea of how they both perform on a day-to-day basis on my watery, allergy-prone, Special Snowflake eyes. Read on for my review…


Ah, Cle de Peau CPM Intensifying Liquid Eyeliner, how i have coveted thee…

I recently got my grasping, rapacious little paws upon the coveted Cle de Peau Beaute CPM Intensifying Liquid Eyeliner. We are getting into the Big Leagues here, kids. This luxury eyeliner is in the same ballpark as the Tom Ford liner, at $55.00 a pop. Like the Tom Ford liner, it is double ended, with one end having an elegant, calligraphy pen brush tip, and at the other end, a smaller, felt tip meant for detail-work.


The larger brush tip is great for lining the lids in one easy sweep…


…while the smaller felt-tip is meant for detail work, like drawing the perfect cat-eye


The pen is also water-resistant, which is great for watery-eyed birds like myself. It goes on incredibly smoothly, has a nice, matte finish that isn’t too flat, it lasts all day without smearing, smudging, or rubbing off, and you need an oil-based makeup remover or cleanser to get it off. My usual problem with the corners running and having to re-apply mid-day hasn’t been an issue yet, which to me, is everything.

But Monday, you ask, is this eyeliner seriously worth $55??  

Well, that depends. To me, having the problem of leaky eyes that almost always require touch-ups several times a day, finding a liner that doesn’t require that sort of hassle means a Hell of a lot. In the long-run, it ends up saving me product, and thus, money. Not to mention frustration. You also get quite a bit of product in this pen, which is another plus, assuming it doesn’t dry up prematurely – so far i’ve not read any complaints in that arena. Also – i LOVE me a brush tip. I just find it to be a much smoother application for the greater part of the lid, and you don’t have the issue of fraying.

Also, i really, really like the double-ended applicator. The tiny felt-tip really is perfect for doing detail-work, whether you’re a beginner at the whole cat-eye thing, or an old pro, like me. I just find it to be a nice touch, that i didn’t know i was missing until i actually had it available to me.

The formula is excellent – neither too tacky, nor too watery. It’s ultra-black, and, as mentioned above, water-resistant (really, it acts more water-proof). So, in my opinion, it’s totally worth it, if you can spring for the cash. As a collector of liquid eyeliners, this one has pride-of-place in my arsenal.


Le Volume De Chanel Mascara in Noir

Chanel generally hasn’t really made my radar with their mascaras in the past – until now.  I recently got a couple of these as samples with a recent purchase – and i have to say, i’m super impressed!  Le Volume de Chanel Mascara grabs onto every single one of my spindly little lashes, and seems to make them look as long as possible, while thickening them to the absolute max.  I have naturally long lashes, but lord, they are fine. You can’t even tell i HAVE eyelashes, because they’re super-light, as well. This mascara maximizes what i’ve got, and makes them look THICK.


I have eyelashes!

This stuff may even make me re-think my “I refuse to spend more than ten bucks on mascara” stance. I’ll see how devastated i feel once both of my tubes are gone. I do especially like that i can layer it, for a nice, fake-lashes look. I’m a fan of that look. Otherwise, what’s the point? Le Volume de Chanel definitely delivers on the volume. Oh, and check out the link to see the colour selection! It comes in black, a deep blue, dark brown, and a gorgeous, limited edition garnet shade called “Character”. I may have to pick that one up.


Not bad for a woman who was bleeding to death a day previous…


…a testament to the Wonders of Makeup


Also wearing in this post:

I know, i know – i need some new colours to wear. I’m kind of in a rut. I’ll be working on that soon, i promise. It’s not like i don’t have 50 gazillion lipsticks to wear, but my eyeshadow selection is definitely lacking/old. A great new eyeshadow palette is next on my purchase list. Hopefully this weekend! You’ll be the first to hear about it, of course.

I hope you all have a great Friday night!

XO – Monday