Somehow, it’s Friday again already – and it totally caught me off guard! Not that you’ll catch me complaining – it’s just that i’ve been so busy whining about being sick all week, you see. So i doubt i’ll be actually going anywhere tonight – not that i’ve still got the bug – that’s all gone. Oh, no; now i’ve got my bloody, freaking *&$% PERIOD and am in so much pain i just want to huff ether and float myself out of existence… just until the cramps pass. Or i bleed to death. Whichever comes first.



Ok, i’m done.

SO! Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks – why didn’t anyone tell me how lovely this woman’s makeup is? I was wandering around my local Nordstrom’s in Downtown Chicago, looking for a nice orangey-red (my new obsession), and nothing was quite catching my eye. I was just on the verge of walking out, head hanging, a small, crystalline tear hovering piteously from my quavering, well-mascaraed lashes, when i espied the CT counter.

Why Not? I thought. I’ve never been, after all. I don’t know how this is even possible – but it’s true!  And Lo and Behold, my eye was IMMEDIATELY drawn to this lovely, perfect, glowing shade of orange-red lipstick – hovering on the display like an offering; an offering to me. I reached for it, and plucked it from its resting place, eagerly searching for the sanitizing station so that i could try it on with no further ado. I give you, “Tell Laura” (named after the American actress Laura Bailey):


Charlotte Tilbury “Hot Lips” Lipstick in Tell Laura


And it was perfect. It was everything i was hoping for! One swipe across the lips, and the coverage is opaque and rich. It feels similar to my beloved Tom Ford matte lipstick – weightless and barely-there.


The perfect orange-red lipstick! LORD, i need my hair done…


I mean, i am usually pretty good when it comes to impulse purchases – when i go out makeup/skincare shopping, i generally have a Plan.  I’ve been known to make myself wait for months, sometimes YEARS, for a product if it’s super-pricey or i’m on the fence about it. But when i put this on and looked in the mirror, i knew i had to have it – i didn’t care how much it was. I DID ask Beauty Associate, just to sort of tell myself that i did follow protocol, but honestly? I didn’t even hear her answer. I was buying this – without knowing if it had any staying power, if it was going to make my lips peel, nothing.


Fortunately for me, this lipstick wears like a dream. No bleeding or feathering or any nonsense like that, and no peeling! After eating, there is still a reasonable stain, but touch-ups are recommended for a fresh look.  All in all, it can go for a solid 6 hours or so without needing to retouch a tiny bit, if you don’t eat.

It also makes my lips feel fairly hydrated; which is part of the deal, apparently. According to the website –


• The lipstick has light-diffusing pigments to create a luminous, multi-dimensional finish, capturing light and reflecting for a full-bodied effect

• Antioxidant Lipstick tree derivative helps protect your lips from UV damage as well as tackling oxidative stress

• The special blend of waxes makes this lipstick easy to apply for a seamless finish

• 3D glowing pigments help to create the illusion of lit-from-within lips that appear wider and fuller.


“Lipstick tree derivative”? Well, anyway, it does have a couple oils in there, like safflower seed and corn oil, as well as papaya fruit and orchid flower extract. It does have silicones, all of which explains the hydrating feel. It’s a very comfortable wear, and – that colour…Le Sigh.

Let’s just say i’m aflutter to try more CT lipsticks in future – and her eyeshadow quads look pretty nice, too.  The Bottom Line?  I give this lipstick a solid 5/5.

Moving on to All the Things i’m wearing for this post:


All the Makeups! And, of course, perfume!

Today, i decided to do a monochromatic look, using only a peach-toned eyeshadow across the base of the lids, a little highlighting shade beneath my brows (the two palest shades in the palette above), and an orange-red blush to compliment the lipstick, keeping it light and subtle. I kept the eyeliner mainly to the top lids, drawing on an elongated cat-eye, for a bit of drama that will carry through for an evening-look. Then to balance it out a bit, i used my pearlescent brown, just placing a faint line only halfway across the bottom lashes. I filled in my brows, swept on the mascara, both top and bottom, and that was it. I wanted to keep the lipstick as the main focus, here.

As always, i keep my skin as dewy and natural-looking as possible – so i’m not wearing foundation, rather my Chanel Le Blanc illuminating base in Mimosa – the yellow-based shade to help offset any redness in my skin, and a light dusting of tinted powder to add bit of glow. It’s not a bronzing powder, nor is it a highlighting powder, but rather in a class by itself – the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow powder, which i’ve talked about before a bit. It gives a subtle wash of “sunkissed” colour, without being an actual bronzer – which i believe looks absurd on people as pale as myself – i’m between an NC 10-15, depending on how much sun i’ve gotten. This just sort of imparts a bit of a glow without pearlescence, a bit of colour without bronzers. It’s just…magic. What can i tell you? It’s Chanel. There’s nothing else like it on the market.

Then i applied my blush to the apples of my cheeks, keeping it light so as not to overwhelm my face – again, wanting to keep things balanced, and not take away from the main focus – which is the lips.

We cannot forget perfume, obviously, when we are talking Friday night (or any night, or day, with me anyway)! Whenever i wear orange, for some reason i have to wear my Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab “Poor Monkey”, a Limited Edition scent from their Yules collection in 2015. It’s described thusly: Compassion: pink lotus root and fig milk with ylang ylang, bourbon vanilla, soft myrrh, fir, khus, and sandalwood incense.  It has an ever-so-faint juicy, citrusy note to it, and the lotus and fig milk are just divine. I adore this one so very much. It gets a lot of love from me, and makes me feel cheery and uplifted when i wear it. You can pick out your very own BPAL scent right here!

And of course, i went all matchy-matchy with my orange-red top, which sets off the tattoos nicely as well. Heh.


Happy Friday, Kumquats!


And that’s it, Kids!  I hope you enjoyed this Friday’s FoTD, and review of Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot Lips lipstick in “Tell Laura”!  Everyone have a lovely Friday night, and don’t drink too much Vino like i did last weekend – that was just…let’s not talk about it, shall we? WATER, folks. Always chase your alcoholic beverages with water. At my age, i should know this by now…

Le sigh.


XO – Monday