One of my obsessions in life is liquid eyeliner – as far as obsessions go, it’s admittedly fairly benign, but it can get pretty expensive when you feel as though you need to have every new formula put out by every brand that has ever existed, from low end to high. And now, if you please, i have discovered the K-Beauty version. Gods help me.

When i made my jaunt to the glorious wonderland of K-Beauty known as Choc Choc Cosmetics right here in Chicago, little did i know that i would end up finding one of my Holy Grail liquid eyeliners!


Meet the IPKN Liquid Eyeliner. It has a bunny on it.
  • IPKN Liquid Eyeliner in Black: When i picked up this eyeliner at Choc Choc, i had no idea how much i’d fall in love with it. I mean, it’s got cutesy packaging that’s hard to take seriously (it hardly screams “quality”), but secretly i kinda dig the bunny. More importantly, it has a brush tip, which to me is a big deal. I look high and low for brush-tip liners, and can generally only find them in the super high-end liners like Cle de Peau, and Tom Ford. I’ll pay for the really good liners, and they ARE excellent; but i will only set out that kind of cash once a year – and for one or the other of the two. So when i opened this baby up, i wasn’t expecting to love it. But love it i do. Now, here’s the deal. It’s not silky smooth like a crazy high end liner. BUT, when it goes on, it goes on inky black, with a slightly glossy finish that i adore, and when it is on? I mean it is ON, and it is not going anywhere. Plus, it doesn’t sneak into my little dry, crepey lines that are beginning to develop on the inner-eyelids because i am no longer a super young and nubile spring-chicken, my dears. Which for me is nothing short of a miracle. And that makes up for its slightly tacky texture. In fact, it explains it. I have been searching high and low for an eyeliner that won’t wash away in the outer corners in two hours due to my super-allergy prone, sensitive, leaky eyes – and damned if this one isn’t it. I wore this for 12 hours straight, and it did not budge. It’s not very mistake-friendly, so you better know what you’re doing – but considering i’ve been doing my cat-eye for over 30 years now? I think i can swing it.  The only caveat with this liner is that it dries out quickly, so you have to be fast.  I needed to recap it and let it “settle” a couple times because it seemed to dry out mid-application.  I actually thought I got a faulty or old pen, until I figured out it’s just the way this pen works.  Other than that rather odd formula strangeness, it’s all good.  I hope Choc Choc never stops selling this! Sadly it is not up on the website, but i linked to their main website page – i imagine if you contact Leah about the product you may be able to purchase it. Just don’t buy them all, and leave ME in the lurch!! This retails for about $18, although i got mine on sale for $16.
It’s Skin brow pencil in 03 “Pink”, lol -yes i know, my nails are atrocious…
  • It’s Skin brow pencil #03 Pink: No, it’s not actually pink, it’s more of a neutral blonde. I’m a huge sucker for angled-tip brow pencils, so i had to grab this one. It has a small spoolie on the other end, and the pencil itself has a soft, waxy texture which is good for filling in brows. It’s a rather small tip, so you can get in there and it won’t overwhelm your brows if they are delicate and thin, as mine are. The colour itself is a bit more gold than i usually wear, but it’s not bad! It actually looks more gold in the photo than it does in real life. It’s definitely a quality product, and will give you natural looking brows, or you can pile it on and do the whole Instagram makeup thing if you’re so inclined. I am not. I like my brows to look real, thanks. Your brows won’t melt of midday with this pencil, either. This is a quality product, and i only paid about $5 for it.


My modeling resting bitchface is perfection


I’m ready for my close-up, Mr DeMille!

I would most certainly purchase the IPKN eyeliner again – it lasts for hours and hours, is waterproof, and gorgeous on. The brush is a dream, and even the cutesy packaging is growing on me. I think it’s a special edition thing, and normally it comes in a more sedate looking tube.

As for the brow pencil, i like the formula, the only issue being that i have a space in my brows from an old scar, and the formula is just a bit soft to cover that – whereas my Chanel pencil bulldozes right over it because of its slightly harder formulation. Also, its just a little gold for me. I really do like my brows to be super ashy to match my hair. But, if you have normal brows and don’t care about having an ultra-ashy brow, these pencils are really good – and for the price, you can’t go wrong!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post – tomorrow i’ll continue with my K-Beauty reviews (who am i kidding? I’ve become a full-time convert!) and talk about my I’m From Ginseng Serum, as well as my Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence, and how it’s going so far with those two products.

XO, Monday