Recently, i had to stop using my AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact because of the high alcohol content – which i hadn’t noticed in the teensy-tiny ingredients list at first perusal (note to self – never again go to Sephora, et al, without reading glasses! E Gods, i’m old…). Despite the fact that it’s supposed to be moisturizing, and geared towards dry, sensitive skin, i found it to be quite drying after about 6 weeks of consistent use. My skin just couldn’t hack it, despite how much i loved how it looked in the beginning. After awhile, though, the dryness started to show up on my skin, and it stopped looking so great. So, i returned it, along with the refill (which they can hopefully still resell as it’s still packaged and untouched), and got the Laneige BB Cushion instead.

Touted as a moisturizing/skincare product, the main attraction is the high SPF, Niacinamide high up on the list, hydrating ingredients (also high up on the list), and, most importantly, NO ALCOHOL. While there are some ingredients i’m not super-crazy about in there – Cyclopentasiloxane being the main culprit for its controversial status as being potentially toxic (which begs the question; WHY do cosmetics companies put potentially toxic chemicals in their products?) – i only intend to use this daily until i can get my grubby paws on something more luxe, such as the Sulwhasoo and Donginbi Cushions, at which point i’ll rotate it in with the others, so i’m not exposing myself to gross stuff regularly.


The packaging is pretty *yawn*, but whatever…


First impressions of the Laneige BB Cushion Hydra Radiance Compact   As i’m new to the Cushion Compact game, and only have the AmorePacific to compare it to, that’s what i’ll have to do.  This compact has a slightly heavier, less serum-y feel to it than the AP cushion; that’s due mainly to the lack of simple alcohol, which acts as a thinner, among other things. In other words, it feels more like makeup. Very light makeup, granted. Almost like a mousse, if i had to liken it to anything. While i prefer the serum-like feel of the AP cushion, i don’t like the drying effects, so i’ll take the less aesthetically pleasing feel of the Laneige – which actually applies extremely smoothly, which i found surprising, despite the texture. I thought perhaps it would be cakey because if felt dryer, but not at all!


The texture is rather light and mousse-like, and i LOVE that it’s not pink-based.


The colour choices are fairly limited, with only one truly dark shade currently available – a common problem with Korean brands in general, and Cushion Compacts in particular. In my case, being quite pale (NC 15 – sometimes as light as 10 in Winter),  i was surprised that i went with the second-lightest shade, #21. Technically, i could have gotten away with the lightest one (i usually HAVE to go with the lightest shade), however, i found it had an ever-so-slightly whitish cast to it because of the high titanium dioxide content – so stepped down a shade, and found that the yellowish tone to it blended it just fine – it is only slightly darker than the skin on my neck, and blends fine on my face. It doesn’t oxidize, so after it sets in, it’s undetectable.


The second-lightest shade is almost a perfect match! I can make it work.
It blends in seamlessly!


As you can see, it isn’t heavy coverage; like most cushions, it’s meant to just give a nice blur effect. But it does cover up the redness in my cheeks pretty well. My skin is fairly irritated and breaking out right now because of a reaction to a sunscreen – and i think it makes it look quite a bit calmer. Which is all i really ask for in a cushion – as i hate the caked-on look with a passion. It’s why i shy away from foundation in general.

As for comfort – it doesn’t really feel like much on the skin; perhaps a tiny bit dryer compared to the AP, ironically enough. But it doesn’t dry my skin out, also ironically. The AP always felt a bit slick, while giving me dry patches. This stuff is basically undetectable; the finish is very slightly dewy, much less so than the AP cushion, but with more coverage. I think i’d call the finish satiny. When i look in the mirror, i feel like my skin looks as flawless as it can get – it’s just really a pretty finish; especially when i know that in actuality, my skin is freaking out from a reaction and i should be seeing redness and bumps. So, it’s pretty damn nice.


Let’s hear it for the brightening power of Niacinamide!
Let’s pause a moment to admire the pretty pearlescence of that grey shadow, tho…

The one drawback is that the longevity isn’t as great as the AP. After about 5 hours, with the AmorePacific Cushion, i had less touching up to do – whereas with the Laneige, i have to pretty much do my red patches on my cheeks completely over again.  Then again, 5 hours is a pretty good run, i suppose. I was just a bit surprised, as i prepped with my Dr Jart Cicapair first, then dusted with my Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow powder afterwards. I’ve got some stubborn redness going on right now, though.

But, when it’s fresh, it does look flawless!



The Last Word? I much prefer the less super-dewy, more satiny finish on the Laneige Cushion Hydra Radiance Compact to the AmorePacific – and it’s $20 cheaper, too! Without the irritating simple alcohol, high up on the list. With the Niacinamide goodness in there to help brighten up my dull, tired, autoimmune skin, i’d say the choice is very simple. I would have gone with this one in the first place, had i been able to read the ingredients and hadn’t just gone by the feel of the product on my fingers alone! Had i walked around with my face done half-and-half, this would have been the clear winner, hands down, even without knowing what was in it.

This is just the start of my Cushion Compact obsession, i’m afraid; which will be terrible for my wallet, fun for the blog, and great for you all!  I really do love the convenience, the skincare aspect, and non-foundation-y look and feel of them. I love the SPF factor, and i even love the goofy cases some of them have – i love even MORE that some have gorgeous, sophisticated, limited edition cases that are like little works of art (i’m looking at you, Sulwhasoo…).

This is the beginning of a life-long love affair, i think.

Everything in this post:


All the Makeups…um, pardon the raggedy YSL palette; i’ve had it forever!


And that, my Darlin’s, is all! I hope this review was helpful to you – i really strongly believe that simple alcohols – i.e. alcohol, alcohol denat, etc, has NO PLACE in our skincare and makeup products. It only serves to irritate and dry out the skin in the long run, which leads to AGING, worsening problems with acne, and a whole plethora of Shit We Don’t Need. I, for one, intend to avoid it like the plague from now on. I just found it in the one eye cream that hasn’t been irritating me lately, but i’m ditching it anyway – and it is an expensive one, at that! The even MORE expensive version leaves it out – grumble – but i’m testing one by Belif that is really working nicely, and i’m on week 2 with no problems, so we will see what happens. I’m still determined to find one with my beloved Gollum Root, i.e. Ginseng,  in it, that contains no alcohol, and will ACTUALLY help with my fine lines, is UNDER $200, fer chrissakes…and doesn’t break me out into hives. I may die before this happens. But we all need a Quest, right?

Ok, my little Kumquats – stay beautiful! And if you have any eye cream suggestions for me, please leave them in the comments!

XO – Monday