About a week and a half ago, i introduced to you my new Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complex treatment foundation, which from my first use, impressed me with it’s hydrating, serumy feel, natural, sheer finish, and skin benefits; and i just wanted to do a little update on how it’s been working out for my skin.

Before i say anything else about this stuff, let me get one thing out of the way – this treatment foundation is EXPENSIVE. Like, stupid expensive. Of course, the thing about really high-end makeup is that it always begs the question; “is it worth the price”?  And of course, this largely depends upon your budget, priorities, and of course, how well the product performs.  In my case, i had a store credit at Neiman’s, and decided to treat myself.

The reason i chose this product is because it is packed with actives – and is really more treatment than foundation/BB Cream, at 92% treatment, and 8% colour. It’s actually a tinted treatment moisturizer – containing Retinol, Vitamin C, antioxidants, and Vitamin E, as well as an SPF of 18.  In the smaller, 1 oz size, it comes in four shades – the larger size comes in two.  I’m linking here to the smaller size, so that you can see the shade selections; however, the tones are very forgiving because of the light coverage. If you have very dark skin, i’m not sure how the shade #3 will work, but having seen it, i know that it is too dark for me (i was given it by mistake, and came back for the #2 shade), and has a very pretty deep, gold tone to it, which would definitely work for medium-dark skin tones. The #2 shade is a lighter version of this – having a gold undertone to it – which even though is technically still a bit dark for my winter skin, it is totally undetectable once i have it on my face.


I love the beautiful, gold tones! Also, say hi to Fritz the cat.


…and it blends in seamlessly, as you can see

It also has a very light pearlescence, which is hard to see in these photos – however, it doesn’t look at all glittery on the skin; instead imparting a beautiful, healthy-looking glow.  This stuff can also be mixed in with a more traditional foundation, to give it a glowy, golden finish. Of course you’d be diluting the treatment aspect a bit, but it does work beautifully this way when you want a little more coverage.

I find that on my dry, dehydrated skin (which still gets a bit shiny in the T-Zone – mainly my nose), it gives me a lovely, blurred, healthy, ever-so-slightly sun-kissed glow. It reminds me a bit of the Chanel Les Beiges products in that way. By no means would you call this a bronzer, but it still manages to make the skin look like you’ve had just the teensiest bit of sun, as a result of the golden undertone.  In the lighter shades, which are available in the 1 oz size, #0 has a pinky-gold undertone and #1 has a peachy-cream, “healthy apricot” undertone – which i’m assuming will have the same overall effect, appropriate to the level of one’s personal skin-shade.

Because the Peau Vierge contains actives, it’s important to remember not to overdo it with using any Retinol products before you put this on. I might use a Vitamin C serum to augment the Vitamin C in this, because the one i use – Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum –  has a very low amount in it, so i don’t feel as if it will be overkill.

I decided to check in here after only a little over a week of use, because i can say i have actually seen a bit of improvement in my skin texture and brightness, already! This surprised me, but also made me feel vindicated in purchasing it, considering the price. This has worked beautifully in conjunction with my other skincare products, and i feel as if it has put my skin on a different level – as if this was the missing link in my skincare/makeup regimen. I am very excited to see how my skin will look in a couple of months – and i’ll be sure to weigh in here when the time comes.


My skin looks glowy and naturally lit-from-within! Peau Vierge with a bit of powder and that’s it


Because the tint is so light, and the finish so sheer, some of you who prefer a heavier coverage can, as i mentioned, mix it with your usual foundation, or use it as a primer, under it! Either way works, although i expect the treatment works better if applied alone first under one’s makeup. For me, i prefer wearing it with just a bit of my Chanel Healthy Glow powder over top – at least on good skin days. But i’ve also worn it with my Burberry BB Cream, which has a heavier texture – and the result was lovely.

Overall, my skin has already revealed a better, more even texture, as well as brightness. I have been struggling with my texture seeming a bit dull, as well as a slight lack of firmness; this is new, and obviously the result of being in my late 40’s – but because it just became an issue, the Peau Vierge seems to be really working hard to correct these disturbing problems. I truly do see a slight improvement in firmness, as well. And again, this is after only a week and a half of use.


Improved texture, and increased brightness – Hell yeah!


Showing off my eyemakeup 😉


So: if the question is whether or not i think this product is worth the cost? I have to say absolutely – provided of course that it is within your budget. The 2 oz tube is going to last me a good long while, especially using fingers as opposed to a brush to apply it (which i did today, because i wanted to see if there was a significant difference).  Using my thick Hakuhodo brush – heavily-bristled and like a buff-brush as opposed to a paint brush – because of the serum-like texture, i needed to use more product to cover my entire face, because some of it sank into the bristles. I imagine if you were to use a more paint-brush style foundation brush, it would be slightly better. Using my fingers alone, i can use a dime or penny-sized amount to cover my face and neck quite well.

I’ve used many tinted moisturizers/treatment foundations and BB Creams, as well as treatment Cushion Compacts over the years – and i have to say that this is the only one that made a marked difference in my skin’s appearance. Because it really makes my skin look firmer and smoother, at this point i can’t imagine wanting to drop it from my arsenal of products any time soon – particularly since i expect that over a longer period of time, the benefits will be cumulative. Because it does contain actives, i don’t NEED to apply any Retinol products during the day – and in summer, i may be able to skip my heavy moisturizer as well. I probably won’t, because my skin really drinks up moisturizers like crazy – so adding an extra layer of moisture is probably a great idea. My skin doesn’t look dry mid-day when i layer this over my regular moisturizer, which is sort of miraculous as well.

The Bottom Line is that i don’t think i can be without the Le Metier Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe, now that i’ve seen what it can do for my skin. So i guess i’ll have to be sure and save up, once i start running low on the stuff! This sucks, of course, because of the price point; but at the same time, i don’t have to use my other actives during the day which means they will last me longer. So in the end, it probably all balances out.  The cold, hard facts of the matter are that once i became a Chick of a Certain Age, skincare became much more vital – and unfortunately, more expensive.  When you’re actually battling the ravages of age, up close and personal, products become much more Serious (and pricey).  And i don’t know about you all, but i refuse to “age gracefully” without putting up a serious fight.  When it comes to real results – this product actually works – and that makes it invaluable.


I’ll upload a better photo later today >_>


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And that does it for today’s post, my little Kumquats!  I hope you enjoyed reading. Would YOU spend the money on a product like this? How expensive is too expensive, when it comes to makeup and skincare, for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

XO – Monday