Sometimes, i am compelled to buy an eyeshadow palette because the colour combo is so outlandish. Take the Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Quint Electrify; with the baby-pink and duck-egg blue combo as the focus of this palette, it’s kind of like putting a co-ed nursery circa 1955 on your eyelids.  Both are colours i adore, granted…but together?

And to make matters even better – or worse, depending upon your perspective – i then found the PERFECT lipstick to accompany it by Mother McGrath herself, most aptly named “Candy Flip”; to add to the confectionary, little girl motif.

How could i resist.

I shelled out the cash, took it home, and gave it a whirl – then asked Calvin the Maine Coon for his expert opinion:


Calvin gives me his unadulterated and honest opinion…



I think he digs the lippie


Me eyeballs, innit


  • Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Electrify – $62:  Honestly, that close-up is kind of a crap picture – everything looks really washed out. I’ll replace it with a better one at some point; but keep scrolling for more full-face photos!  However, i’m really digging it. The palette comes with three shades of blue – one extremely light, perfect-for-accenting shade (but can also be used for all over the lids), one gorgeous mid-toned shade for lids/contouring, and a dark shade for contouring/lining; then there is the pretty baby pink shade for using on the lids, and a very pearlescent ivory shade, perfect for highlighting.
Image from – until i can get home and get a better photo of mine


This is a great, versatile palette, actually – obviously one doesn’t need to use the pink and blues together, as i did – but it’s fun to do so!  I used the pink all over my lids, from lash-line to orbital socket, then placed the light blue in the inner-corners to accent. It’s so light that it’s not really showing up in the photos – i would need to break out the DSLR and some real lighting to get it to show up properly. Goals for the coming year – get real lights. ANYWAY – I then used the mid-toned blue to contour in the ‘C’ of the outer-corner, up into the orbital socket/crease and along the lower lash-line, blending into the centre of the upper lid area. I used the pearlescent shade under the brows, and the darkest blue to line all around.

Then, with the candy-toned lipstick and a super-pink blush, i have a Look. With the platinum pixie, i think it’s kind of a Cyber-Barbie thing i have going on.





The Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palettes are good shadows – you get large pans of product (as opposed to say, Chanel), and the colours are not at all chalky, and are easily blendable. I wish the pink and light blue were bit more pigmented, but the rest of the shades are excellent. They are all pearlescent to some degree, and after 6 hours of wear, still going strong with no creasing – although keep in mind that i do have dry lids, so if you’re oily, YMMV. I have been using these quints for many years though, and have always had good luck with them, even when i was younger and DID have oilier lids, and don’t recall having much issue with them. In comparison with colour-payoff, they’re not as pigmented as Tom Ford, but better than Givenchy and Bobbi Brown. They’re probably about 1/2 a point down in quality from Chanel, generally speaking – as i find Chanel’s lighter shades such as pinks and blues tend to be more pigmented. However, Dior’s darker shades tend to blend easier.


Candy Flip – why the Hell it looks mauve in this photo, i couldn’t tell you


  • Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipstick in Candy Flip – $38I’ve really been into pinky-corals lately, aside from my usual bright red shades; and this i just had to have; in fact, i’m growing quite the corals collection.  Oddly, in some of the photos it doesn’t quite appear cool-toned enough for the shadows (it’s a bit in the mid-range; in some light it looks cooler-toned than others but in the photos it’s pulling really warm), but in person it works; it’s a fantastic shade. The McGrath lipsticks, as always, wear like a dream. 

And of course, everything else in this post:

  • Laneige BB Cushion Hydra Radiance Compact #21 – $38: I recently switched from the AmorePacific Cushion Compact to this one, for several reasons, but the main one being – the AmorePacific contained alcohol fairly high up on the list of ingredients, and this contains none. At first, the alcohol wasn’t bothering me, but after several weeks of consistent use, i started to notice some dry patches and irritation; so i had to stop.  Also, the Laneige cushion has Niacinamide in it to brighten skin, and it moisturizes (as opposed to drying me out). The finish is dewy without being greasy-looking. It’s just a win-win all around.



  • Tom Ford High Definition Eyeliner in Azure – $43: The colour of this pencil is truly beautiful – and as long as my eyes aren’t super watery because of allergies or illness, it will stay put in my waterline for hours. It applies fairly smoothly, too – and i’m generally not a fan of automatic pencils as a rule – however the B/A told me that this pencil has a lot more staying power than the standard pencil. So i went with it. As much as i do enjoy the staying power, et al – i probably will go with the regular pencil next time anyway, just because i find it to be less hassle to use, and draw with.


  • Cle de peau Beaute Intensifying Liquid Eyeliner in Black – $55: If you’ve been reading this blog at all, then you know how much i love this eyeliner. It stays put, it’s water-resistant, it’s a beautiful, deep, semi-matte black; it’s double-ended with a teensy pointed tip for precision work on one end, and a caligraphy brush tip (whee!) on the other. The pen itself is beautiful, laquered, and heavy. It’s pretty much my HG black liquid liner at the moment.


  • Chanel Volume de Chanel Mascara in Noir – $32Currently my HG mascara. Until i found this stuff (actually i was given two nice sample tubes), i couldn’t imagine paying more than $9 for a mascara at the outside. But this mascara is amazing. It thickens my spindly little lashes beautifully – i HATE falsies, so i really appreciate how this formulation almost makes me look like i’m wearing fake lashes. I have long lashes, but until i got ahold of this mascara, you could never tell. Now i get to flaunt it.


  • Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Hyperfresh – $45: I love this bright pink blush! It’s a clear, true pink with blue undertones – and a tiny dip of the brush goes a LONG way. The price may seem steep, but this blush will last you over a year, if not two, because you don’t need much to give you a pretty, healthy flush.


And that’s all she wrote, Kumquats! I hope you enjoyed today’s look – it’s a bit outside of what i tend to wear, but it’s definitely a fun palette, with colours that can be mixed and matched with many other shades in my repetoire.

Stay tuned for a full review of the Laneige Cushion Compact – i’ll compare with my experience of the AmorePacific, and why it ultimately didn’t work out with my particular fussy, dry skin; and why i’m going back to my original stance of NO ALCOHOL in my skincare/makeup products!


And one more pic of Big C and me, in b&w just for fun 🙂

Stay ravishing, loves!

XO – Monday