Most people will say they have sensitive skin, without really knowing what that actually means. But when i say i have sensitive skin, i mean that i will break out into hives under my eyes or chin if the wrong ingredients touch my special snowflake flesh – or if the cat licks me, or if i eat gluten, etc., etc. But it’s not always the ingredients one would expect that cause a reaction in my delicate, petal-like visage. For instance, as i’ve mentioned in another post, talc doesn’t cause me to react. In fact, i often am unsure just what the Hell my skin is freaking out about. Sometimes, it just seems to get moody around my period – and so i will often test new products around that time to see if i’m going to have a problem then – because my hormones, being a Hashimoto’s girl, tend to get wonky for a longer period of time than most womens’ do.

Enter Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist, and I’m From Ginseng Serum. Let’s start with the Essence by Missha, as that’s what i have been putting on my skin directly after cleansing – it’s a toner and essence all in one, so it’s the first step after i get my skin all nice and clean.

I know, it just looks like expensive water, right?

Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist: You’ve heard of the famous SK II Facial Treatment Essence that goes for about $100 a bottle? This is pretty much a dupe for that, at half the price (and if you click that link right now, it’s on sale for even less!). It uses the same rice bran ferment – which is used to shrink pores, soften lines, and brighten skin – as well as fermented yeast extract of Himalayan purple barley, among a whole plethora of other goodies to deeply hydrate your skin – and yes – it looks just like water. However, it doesn’t feel like water. It feels lovely, sort of lightly viscous and soft on the skin. After a few splashes (i pat it directly onto my skin, not wanting to waste any product by putting it onto a cotton ball), i can feel my skin plumping up, and any redness and dryness dissipates, and my face is ready for my serums. Your skin will soak up any other treatments  much more effectively if it’s well-hydrated, and i can feel the difference – i feel my serums spread and soak up much better after applying this. I’ve definitely noticed my skin has been feeling more hydrated and less chapped during the day since i’ve started using it as well – and has much more of a glow directly after application.  I haven’t been using it long enough to see any super-dramatic effects, but I do notice my pores on my cheeks just next to my nose are not as large directly after using.  And my skin has an almost airbrushed look to it when I use the “seven skin method”, which is basically patting on seven layers of the product. I generally do 4-7 on any given day, twice a day. Sound like a pain in the ass? Well, like my old school Lithuainian grandma Mae always said – “You have to suffer to be beautiful!” – and she looked like Jean Harlow so I’m taking her word for it.  But seriously – I don’t see it that way. It feels good putting it on – and I see this as a self-care ritual.  So what if it takes a little extra time? I’d rather do this than look old and try to cover my gross skin up with makeup.  I also apply it at night, right before whatever treatments i’m using, and also before i mask. So far, i’m really loving it! And best of all, no hideous reaction. In fact, generally after i wash my face i tend to be splotchy and red on my neck no matter what i use – this takes that away immediately. I really have been enjoying this quite a bit! It’s supposed to be a toner and essence in one, although i really feel that it’s more of an essence, so i’m still in the market for a toner, to be honest. It doesn’t have that cushiony, bouncy feeling that i’m looking for in a toner (i’m looking at the Whamisa Organic Flower Toner for dry skin). But as an essence, it’s perfect.


                                                                                 This Ginseng Serum smells amazing!
  • I’m From Ginseng Serum: I’ve started carrying this stuff around in my purse, so i can have it with me always. It’s that good. First of all, it smells like a combination of honey and ginseng, but not in an overpowering way. It also has camellia in it, which is one of my favourite things – it’s an excellent anti-oxidant and is very gentle, even for sensitive special snowflakes. It penetrates deep into the skin and is extremely emollient, helping to restore elasticity while being non-occlusive, and is a rich source of omega-6.  Camellia is also one of those genuine Geisha beauty “secrets” that brands like Tatcha have appropriated and charge an arm and a leg for by sticking in their products, then ruining by putting tons of alcohol and fragrance on top of it.  Ginseng is a great purifier, and helps to get the circulation in the skin moving – which is great for anti-aging and making the skin look bright and alive. What it has done for me, is this, behold; the other day i developed a hive underneath my eye from an eye cream i was testing out. I’m sensitive to algae, and this had algae in it. My face can take it, but not the delicate skin underneath my eyes. So i figured, why not slather on this serum and see if it helps? Theoretically, it should. And within a few minutes, that hive had reduced in size by 30%. By morning, it was gone. And so now that i’m experiencing my super-sensitive snowflake PMS skin, it’s reacting in all kinds of wonky ways, purging because of all the new products – i expected this and it’s not super terrible, i expected it. But this Ginseng serum is calming it down beautifully. So it’s with me at all times. All i have to do is spot-treat, and everything gets…chill. It’s wonderful. Plus, you know that pink, healthy, youthful glow you’re supposed to get with vitamin-C serum? Well when I put this stuff on, my skin actually gets that subtle glow. I will repurchase this until the day i die. It’s that amazing. I cannot say enough good things about it. The super luxury brand Sulwhasoo sells a similar serum, only they add alcohol in theirs – it’s like the second ingredient or something. Alcohol? On your face? And they charge $150. This is $30. The mind reels, right? So go buy this! Any skin type will benefit. Go on, buy it!
Requisite #nomakeupnofilter photo. Sigh.

So, here’s me right after applying both the Missha essence and the Ginseng serum. Not bad for a middle-aged broad, no? My skin has been looking pretty damned fantastic, if i do say so myself. Now, full disclosure, i’ve always taken good care of my skin. As a former model (and for godsake, i was never a supermodel, it was just Chicago work) i kind of had to, and i learned all the tricks thanks to that work. Then as a makeup artist, i learned even more. But with the health issues i have now, and the past year and a half being sort of a nasty one in terms of stress, it was seriously showing up in my face – and for the first time, my age was really beginning to show. But since i’ve been changing up my skincare and doing the K-Beauty 10-step regimen, i’m REALLY seeing a difference and it’s only been 5 full days! At the end of a full month, i’m going to post before and after photos so you can all see the results. I know i already can, but i know that at that point, it should be pretty drastic. Then i’ll start dating a 25 year old and wearing miniskirts and talking really loud in bars – it’ll be great.


Anyway, here’s a photo of me with some makeup, so you can get the full effect – i’m just wearing primer and powder on my skin. Sweet!


Yes, it’s true, your eyes do not deceive you – it’s an actual departure from my usual cat-eye and bold lip! Is it the Rapture? Are frogs raining from the heavens?! Repent! Repent!

Yeah, yeah. I was bored, ‘kay? Plus, i wanted to prove that i do, indeed, know how to do more than one look. Below are the products i used (although i see i left out a couple things – i was running late…bollocks). Anyway i’ll list and link them regardless.  Be grateful i even remembered what i did. I hadn’t even had nearly enough coffee, and the cats woke me up at 4:30 am. The little darlings.


Most of what i used, anyway…

And voila, there you have an FOTD, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post! More tomorrow on…i haven’t decided yet :). Promise it’ll be something you like.

XO, Monday