As you may know, i’m a bit of a Pat McGrath junkie. She’s on the Cutting Edge of cosmetics, a Makeup Artist’s makeup company. Not for the shy, shrinking violet, her products are exciting and fresh.  Although her selection of makeup is pretty limited at the moment – for instance she doesn’t have a foundation, mascara, powder, or blush; and she habitually offers Limited Edition items which caused me to miss her liquid eyeliner because i wasn’t aware of its existence until it was too late (but i’m not mad) –  what she does offer is extremely unique and high quality. I am well on my way to curating quite the collection of Mother McGrath lipsticks. I just can’t get enough of them – the colours are incredibly rich, the formula comfortable and unbelievably long-lasting, and both the MatteTrance and LuxeTrance lines last literally HOURS on my lips, without retouching. In short, i’m addicted.  So, naturally, i figured it was time to branch out;


Blackest of the black…The Ultimate Black
  • Pat McGrath Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil (The Ultimate Black, Matte Finish) – $25: A couple months ago, i picked up my first Mother McGrath eye pencil; and while it has one major drawback, i am, overall, pretty impressed by the pigmentation and longevity.

First, the Pros:


The pencil that looks like a liquid!

I honestly forget that i’m wearing a pencil when i look in the mirror – and at this photo. It is super saturated, and blackest-black. When applying, it does indeed, like the name implies, glide on effortlessly. When sharpened properly, you can get a nice point when drawing your cat-eye. And as for wear?  It goes on just as easily over uber-shimmery shadows as it does over mattes. And, this stuff doesn’t budge, like all day. Not even in my watery corners, where i tend to have trouble. When i’ve worn this in the water-line, and on my lower lash-line, it stays put just as well as on my upper-lid.  Of course this is after properly prepping my lids and under-eye with a good concealer (i use Cle de Peau), and applying a light dusting of finishing powder under the eyes as well. Keep in mind that i have dry skin, too, and that oilier-skinned people may have different results.


It looks so great – but is it worth it?

Now, for the Cons; this is a very soft pencil. As in, i have to re-sharpen for each eye – and i do the cat-eye wing first because it loses its point, like, right away. Super frustrating because the pencil dwindles down pretty quickly this way.  This eyeliner reminds me a lot of the Urban Decay 24/7 Perversion Eyeliner which is slightly less soft, and $5 less. As much as i love the texture, depth of colour, and longevity of the PMG eyeliner, i don’t think i’ll repurchase because of how quickly i go through the pencil.

The Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil comes in both Matte and Shimmer finish, in five colours altogether. The Blitz Blue, described as “Indigo with Shimmer Pearl” is the most unique, and is extremely pretty when you see it in person – and might be worth the splurge – except, again, for the fact that it would be gone before you know it unless used only for special occasions.


All The Things!

And of course, i’m wearing a few other things in this post:

  • Pat McGrath LuxeTrance Lipstick in Pink Ultraness – $38: Gods, i love this colour! By the way, the Sephora pic is just SO off. It looks nothing like that. The photos here are much more representative. Anyway, PMG’s Pink Ultraness is like the Classic Red of pink lipsticks…if that makes any sense. It’s just a beautiful, strong, classic pink. Cool-toned, like a deep pink rose, It’s got an opaque, satin finish with dimension; and once it’s on, it’s ON. I need an oil cleanser to remove these lipsticks – both the Matte and Luxe formulas.  Yet, despite their tenacity, they are somehow incredibly comfortable to wear.  I’ve eaten, drank wine, and gabbed my face off, then traipsed off the the ladies’, thinking i needed a retouch, and maybe just needed a bit on in the center of my lips. If you don’t eat, you won’t need a retouch for at least 6 hours. Drinking won’t budge this stuff. You will leave a bit of a stain on glasses, but not as obnoxiously as you’d expect with such a bright colour. This is currently my favourite pink lipstick – as if that needed saying.


  • Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Hyperfresh – $45: I know i’ve talked about this blush before – i do love it. I’m sort of a sucker for these Chanel blushes. They are SO pigmented, you barely need to dip your brush into the pan and you’re set. Hence, they last you forever. Also, they blend like a dream, so even if you end up picking up too much colour, it’s easy to fix without looking like Pennywise. This strong pink may look scary, but actually it gives a super-healthy, just-came-in-from-a-snowball-fight-in-the-cold sort of flush in your cheeks.




  • Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in Noir – $32: Reviewed here. This mascara is the best mascara i’ve used in a long time. It volumizes, lengthens, is ultra-velvety black, and doesn’t irritate my eyes. I’ll be buying it when my generous samples run out.


  • Givenchy Lip Liner in Beige Mousseline – $29: This is a good, basic, sort of universally useful pinky-nude lip liner which i use quite a bit for many lipsticks. I do find that it’s not as waxy as i’d prefer, which keeps lipstick “in line”, so to speak. But i do like the colour.


  • Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Platinum Blonde – $34: My current go-to brow pencil; this is the perfect ashy-platinum shade, with the perfect amount of waxiness to the formula. The angled tip is neither too big (Chanel), nor too small (Kevyn Aucoin – who did he make that thing for, Barbie?). For the first time since my brows thinned out so much from the Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, i’m finding it super-easy to thicken my brows out a bit without them looking drawn-on or fake. Definite win!


  • Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat in Light Peach #03 – $42: I’ve sung this highlighting pen’s praises before as well; it’s the original, and has had many imitators, but i think this one is still the best. If my under-eye circles aren’t too alarming, i’ll wear this alone – and on my lids as a primer, as well. It brightens the entire eye area beautifully, and makes my eyeshadows really pop, as well as stay put properly. It comes in quite a few shades, so if you have a deeper skin tone, you can likely find one that will work for you. It doesn’t settle into fine lines at all. I’ve been buying this for 14 years, and i’ll keep buying it until they take it off the market (they better not take it off the market!).


  • NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Sugarland – $36: For this look, i just used the gold shade. I’m super-picky about my eyeshadows; there aren’t a lot of colours i like to wear on my lids, and i tend to find a lot of today’s shadows to be WAY too glitter-heavy. NARS’ stable of shadows tend to be nicely pigmented, with a light hand on the glitter when they do use it. I love the colour combos they use – i tend to be a two-shadow kind of girl most days, so these duos are generally perfect for my everyday look.


Et Voila! It’s a face. Note to self – i need a haircut…and a root touch-up


So – the Last Word? I love Pat McGrath cosmetics, and wish she’d come out with more products. I’d be all over a Mother McGrath powder, or single eyeshadows – as opposed to the $125 palettes she’s offering right now. How about blushes? Eyebrow pencils? BB Creams? And for the love of all that’s holy, bring back that double-ended liquid eyeliner!!! Obviously, i think the eyeliner pencil has its flaws – pigment-wise, like all her products, she’s spot on. It’s just the soft formulation that leaves me wanting. Her lipsticks? Absolutely PERFECTION.  Her products, overall, are pricey, but quality. I won’t be repurchasing the black eyeliner only because i’m running through it so quickly, but i’ll probably try the Blitz Blue, which is gorgeous, and i’ll certainly end up with every bright lipstick she ever puts out. And THOSE last forever.

Do you have any PMG makeup? What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed today’s post – stay pretty, people!

XO – Monday