Some time ago, i expressed my utter chagrin over my misfortune for having missed out on the Pat McGrath limited edition liquid eyeliner.  It was, my Kumquats, perfect; complete with a double-ended pen – one thick and one thin. It was probably my Holy Grail liquid eyeliner, and i never got the chance to get my grasping, rapacious little claws on it.

I was heartbroken.

But then, i was visiting Mother McGrath’s website, and lo and behold, what did my myopic, cat-eyed peepers see? She was coming out with another liquid eyeliner! This one is only single-ended, but that was OK – because i was finally going to get my coveted PMG black liquid liner! I signed up for the email alert so that i would know the SECOND it was available for sale, and the very day it dropped at Sephora, i was there, nose pressed to the window, anxiously awaiting for the store to open.  And not only because the liquid liner was being released, my fellow makeup junkies – oh, no – McGrath was also coming out with three new eyeshadow palettes! Obviously, i could not miss out on these beauties. Not this time, buddy.

Do i sound a little obsessed?

Well, it’s true; and i’ll be the first to admit my bordering-on-unhealthy need to acquire the latest from my favourite company for lipstick and eye makeup. I haven’t bought every single thing she’s released – not by a long shot – but when i saw these beauties, i knew i HAD to have them.  Especially that eyeliner – because, as you all know by now if you’ve been reading this blog, i am addicted (and this is not too strong a word) to black liquid eyeliners.  I have a rather embarrassingly large collection, and it is ever-growing.

The Precious….

Ok, so first of all, let’s take a moment to check out the elongated, pointy tip on this baby!  The felt tip on this eyeliner is tapered to a needle-point gradually thickening towards the top. What this means is that you can draw an incredibly fine, detailed line using that tip, then angle the brush slightly in order to get a really thick, dramatic line:


Who needs a double-ended brush when you can get such a dramatic effect with the unique shape of this liner-tip?

Admittedly, when i first saw how long the felt liner was on this puppy, i was a little dubious. Would it be hard to control?  Fear not, Kumquats – this is the easiest-to-wield liquid eyeliner since i discovered the Le Metier de Beaute pen – which is the makeup equivalent to “Liquid Eyeliner for Dummies”.  It is SO EASY to get a nice, tight, thin line at the inner-corners, then extend it out to a thick, Edie Sedgwick sweep. And look at the point on that cat-eye! You could cut a bitch.

Razor-sharp lines that will draw the blood of your enemies

As for the colour and texture, it is a gorgeous, satin-matte finish of the most velvety, deep black. The formula is thick enough that it doesn’t immediately run into the little tiny crevices on the eyelids of Ladies of a Certain Age like yours truly. And, totally waterproof, once it’s dried, it does not budge a millimeter. I scrubbed and wiped at that line on my hand, and it was like trying to rub off a tattoo. Even with my incredibly watery outer-corner on the left side due to allergies, it only faded a tiny bit – after i thoughtlessly rubbed it when it was leaking like a faucet for a couple hours, and i couldn’t take it anymore.  This stuff is serious. And drawing over eyeshadow? A breeze – with the depth of colour not even a little compromised by even the iced, frosty texture of the PMG eyeshadow i paired with it today.

What big eyes you have…

I’m enamored – is it obvious? I’m going to have to stock up on these, in case they disappear again in future. I THINK it’s part of the permanent line-up – but i don’t want to ever be without this liner!  The quality is right up there with Cle de Peau Beauté, and Tom Ford’s liquid liners – only, at $28, it’s about twenty bucks less.

The Last Word? There is NO REASON not to run out and grab one of these fabulous eyeliners.


All the Things

And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without a lowdown on everything else i’m wearing in this review.

What’s on my face:


I hope you enjoyed today’s post and review! Will you be picking up any of the new Pat McGrath palettes or eyeliner? Which one do you lust after?  Let me know in the comments section below! And stay beautiful, Darlin’s…

XO – Monday