Every once in a blue moon (i.e. all the bloody time), I find that I have to eat my words in regards to a company – or at least their products. In this case, I’m talking about the skincare company Tatcha.  I’ve been dead set against purchasing anything from them, mainly because their aesthetic annoys me – I find the whole “secrets of the Geisha” spiel to be just a bit…precious…for my taste – not to mention the exorbitant prices they charge for their products.  Add that to the alcohol content in some of their skincare, and I was pretty much ready to write them off without having tried anything.

However, when I played with their new primer – The Silk Canvas – at Sephora, I fell immediately in love.  This, of course, led me to try a sample of one of their moisturizers…and the rest, as they say, is History.

Now, there are still a couple things I refuse to lay out the cash for – such as the Camellia Beauty Oil – because I know damn well that it doesn’t need to cost as much as it does. Plus, alcohol. And as for rice powder cleanser, I can get something just as good from some of my beloved K-Beauty brands for a fraction of the cost. So, no.  HOWEVER – I have been reading up on a few other products, and decided to try out a couple things.  And, I have to say, I am ready to reevaluate my position – because there’s are a couple quality products in the Tatcha line-up that are unique and effective enough to impress even me.


Ooo, pretty!


Enter my official favourite new primer – Tatcha’s Silk Canvas. This wonderful stuff rivals even my beloved Chanel Le Blanc Illuminating Base, although they are different enough that I will definitely continue to use both.   The Silk Canvas is a really unique concept in primers – and as someone who generally skips them altogether (the Chanel product being my one concession because I wore it alone with just some powder most of the time), I can say that I will be using this product religiously from now on!

What makes this primer special is that it’s packed with all kinds of goodness for the skin – and you all know how much I love makeup products that do double-duty as skincare. It’s something I’m always willing to spend extra money on, if the ingredients are up to par.  The Silk Canvas definitely delivers in that department.  Among the ingredients are camellia sinensis leaf, rice ferment filtrate, and Silk powder, to name the main players.

What this means for your skin is you will see brightening, calming, and smoothing effects that aren’t just cosmetic, as well as added hydration;  camellia sinensis is not only a powerful antioxidant, but it also reduces inflammation and redness.   Rice ferment filtrate is the wonderfully brightening ingredient in the SK II Facial Essence that everyone raves about – and with good reason.  Fermented rice is a popular ingredient in Asian skincare because it’s chock full of vitamins and amino acids that aid in skin cell turnover, brightening the skin, as well as firming. It also helps to reduce blemishes (super important to me, with my sensitive skin!).  Silk powder is what gives skin the beautiful, airbrushed, matte finish – but it also boosts collagen production, as well as having skin-tightening benefits!  And all this good stuff is in The Silk Canvas.


Unblended on skin


Blended in – it’s practically weightless, and has no shine


As for what this does cosmetically?  Well, let me tell you – The Silk Canvas, when worn alone (which it can be), immediately blurs any fine lines and blemishes, almost as if you used a discreet filter on your face; it gives a silky-matte finish that looks especially beautiful on areas that tend to get shiny, but doesn’t dry out the skin at all.  On days when I want to give my skin a break from BB creams, cushion compacts, and powder, this gives enough of a lovely finish to the skin for a casual day look, while also giving the skin all those excellent benefits.

Under my makeup (I don’t generally do foundation, but use tinted BB cream and cushion compacts almost daily) and powder, it really shines. Not literally. Er. In fact it helps control shine – but you catch my drift. That airbrushed effect is super apparent when you use this stuff under a good BB cream, which is what I paired it with for today’s look. One of the things I love about BB creams, et al, is that they let the natural texture and colour of the skin come through – and when i prep first with The Silk Canvas, it’s almost as though I’m wearing a really high-end foundation, without compromising the natural look I insist upon.  It really helps to give the skin an even, smooth, flawless finish – with even the sheerest cushion compact.


When this little coin thing fell out of the box, I was a bit baffled…


Just a small amount will do for the whole face – using the handy disc thingy!


You can apply this on your entire face, even the eye area – and I find it helps my eyeshadows apply more smoothly, as well as improving the look of my under-eye concealer.


Finished product – with Tatcha The Silk Canvas, Burberry BB Cream, and Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow


I absolutely love how beautiful this stuff makes my skin look!  It instantly diminished any redness on my face, and blurs out any texture problems I might be experiencing. The Silk Canvas feels comforting and light on the skin, and applies like a dream over moisturizer and sunscreen.  It helps my makeup stay put all day, as well as controls shine in my T-zone.


Works as an eye makeup primer, too


While the Silk Canvas is on the pricey side at $52.00, the tiny amount needed to cover the face, as well as the excellent skincare benefits, make it worth the extra bucks.  Since using this, my skin is softer and less red/irritated.  And because it works as a barrier between my skin and makeup, I have less foundation/BB cream etc induced irritation when I clean my face at the end of the day – something I often struggle with when it comes to even the lightest coverage BB creams, cushions, and foundations.

Keeping this in mind, I DON’T wear this primer under my treatment makeup, like Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge foundation – as the skincare ingredients won’t penetrate well.  Which is fine, since I like to rotate what I put on my face makeup-wise.

The Last Word on this unique and good-for-your-skin primer?  I’ll most definitely be repurchasing this, once it finally runs out – which won’t be for quite awhile.

To see what else I’m wearing today, read on!


All the Makeups


What’s on my face:

And that’s all, Folks! I hope you enjoyed today’s long overdue post.  Have you tried The Silk Canvas? What about other Tatcha products? Do you think they’re worth the dough? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

XO – Monday