Good morning, Darlins!

So, I’m still playing around with my new Viseart eyeshadow palette in Sultry Muse, reveling in the rich, intense colours — and all the possibilities they offer to create a beautiful, unique eye makeup look, without the dreaded Fluffy Unicorn Glittervomit which i so abhor.  So far, i’ve been able to find something that works with every lipstick i’ve thrown at it; and i have a LOT of lipsticks (i.e. not nearly enough).

Today, i wanted to do a gold-based eye that would work well with the Pat McGrath LuxeTrance lip colour in Tropicalia – a pretty,warm coral shade that i haven’t gotten much use of lately. I was not disappointed.


Viseart eyeshadow Palette in Sultry Muse

For the look i did today, i used three colours; the brown and copper in the second row (second and third from the right), and the pale gold on the bottom row (last on the right).  I’ve done a look with the copper shade before, but wasn’t totally satisfied in how it turned out.  Frankly, i used such a light hand with the copper shade that it was almost negligible – i’m not used to wearing COLOUR on my eyes, being so used to utilizing plain ol’ neutrals for so long, in order to not overwhelm my super-bright lipstick colours. But, i’m getting tired of playing it so safe all the time  (sometimes i forget my own philosophy about makeup being FUN) —  so i tried something different today. I sucked it up and got a little bolder in how i used the colours, and i think it looks much better, this time around!

I used the pale gold shade all over the lid, then the copper shade in the crease and outer-corners. The dark brown was used to line the eyes – and i used black liquid liner on the top lid, then a bronze-brown pencil on the bottom lashes, and in the waterline.  As always, i have to fill in my skimpy brows, using a platinum blonde shade (which is showing up a bit red here, not sure why!) A warm coral blush to go with the lips, and it’s done. Simple, but so pretty…



The thing i really love about these eyeshadows is how rich, strong, and intense the pigments are for every single shadow. I’ve often been disappointed in palettes where at least a few of the shades are not textured well – they’re either too chalky, or hard, or even too soft.  These shadows are totally consistent in their texture and colour payoff; not a one is formulated poorly.  They have minimal fallout, and they last all day on a well-prepped eye. I haven’t yet tried the shadows on a naked eye, as i would never wear my eye-makeup without either concealer, or primer on the lids. However, even just using concealer, these shadows pop. Over my trusty YSL Touche Eclat pen, they are SUPER intense and beautiful.

Both pencil and liquid liners show up beautifully over these shadows – i’ve had no issues with having to work harder to get my liners to show up – having tested several liquids as well as pencils in different formulations.  These are simply quality shadows. I’m still trying to make up my mind which i want to purchase next — and they are coming out with their Spring wardrobe, making it even more difficult to choose!  I especially have my eye on the Absinthe palette. Of course, i want them ALL.


All the Makeups!

What i’m wearing today (counter-clockwise):

And that’s all for today, Kumquats!  I hope you like today’s FoTD – have you tried any of the Viseart palettes? If not, i cannot recommend them enough. If so, which do you have?

Stay gorgeous, people!

XO – Monday