It’s come around again, my little Kumquats – Friday!  I like Fridays, because it marks the beginning of the three day stretch when i become inspired to do something with my makeup other than my usual cat-eye and bright red or pink lip. Today, i got pretty complicated – for me, anyway.  I kind of went with fall colours, which i realize is a bit off-season, but hey – screw the rules, right? The reason being that i wanted to wear my new brown faux-fur hoodie today with my jeans and brown boots – and i have some green eyeshadow i wanted to play around with, and so…voila! Fall colours it is.

Greens can be a bit intimidating, because they seem so off-base and odd. But they don’t need to be! Green is a beautiful accent colour. The one i used today is called “Mildew” by Urban Decay. Don’t be scurred. If i can wear a mold-coloured eyeshadow on my eyes and not frighten small children on the street, then so can you.

I used a medium-sized round eyeshadow brush by Hakuhodo to sweep from the outer corner, moving towards the center, and up into the orbital socket, taking it about halfway and making sure to blend well.  I also used a tiny, soft, pointed Hakuhodo shadow brush to take it along my lower lash-line about halfway across as well.  And to balance out the Moldy green eyeshadow, i wore a complimentary green eyeliner in my waterline, also by Urban Decay, called “Junkie”. I’m on a roll here, folks.


Looking a little bit like a junkie…colours reflected in crappy indoor lighting

Far from looking moldy, this  green eyeshadow actually is a pretty, mossy green shade with a bit of sparkle to it. A very subtle dusting of gold-flecks can be seen throughout, which led me to choose my Tom Ford Moonlight eyeshadow as a base colour, which i used all over the lid, stopping just short of the area beneath the brow using my round flat Hakuhodo brush. My brow area, i just highlighted with YSL Touche Eclat in Light Peach. Then, to line the upper lid, i chose my Hourglass Voyeur Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, just slightly beyond the edge of the lid, forgoing my ubiquitous cat-eye for once. On the lower lash-line, i’m using Chanel Perle de Lune – a silvery-taupe pencil, which i line all the way from the tear-duct to the outer corner, to meet the edge of the liner from the upper-lid.  And Voila, we have a complete evening eye-look!

What i used on my eyes:


Tom Ford and Urban Decay – quite the pair…


Get out your pens and pencils, kids!


My favourite highligher of all time



I departed from my cushion compact today…also, this light really is crap – in sunlight i have NO dark circles!


So, my whole autoimmune skin fiasco has gotten to the point where i’m using prescription cream on it to help deal with the hives now – i’m getting close to the Crimson Wave of Doom again (i actually look forward to menopause – bring it on, bitches. No more going through nearly a box of Super-Plus tampons a day, and excrutiating pain, and breakouts of hives and cystic pimples? Yeah. Sign me up), and it’s just getting ridiculous. So far, i’m almost cleared up – and the tube will last me for a million years so i figure i’ll be doing a Happy Dance soon enough. But until then, i figured NO ALCOHOL on my face, and my cushion compact has a bit of it in the ingredients. However, i know from experience that my trusty Chanel skin products are safe, and so i’m sticking with those for now – along with my trusty Dr Jart Cicapair on the obvious red spots.

I always start by spot-treating with my Cicapair, covering all blemishes and red areas (like my nose…le sigh) – a tiny bit goes a long way, and immediately soothes any itching and irritation. I give it a minute to set, then move on to my Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Base – i use the Mimosa shade, which is yellow, to take down any further redness. This is NOT a foundation, but a sheer, colour correcting, brightening primer product. Think of it as YSL’s Touche Eclat for your face – only much less opaque. Just a nice, sheer wash to brighten things up and give a sort of airbrushed finish, while letting skin show through and breathe.

Finally, i lightly dust my face with my Chanel loose powder – like VERY lightly, because my skin is feeling super-fragile right now. Since i’m hormonal at the moment, this is the only time my skin shows a bit of oiliness, so i want to keep that in check.

I’m forgoing blush, as i’d have to apply it on directly on the worst of the outbreak – and i’m not putting any superfluous products on there if i don’t need to.

On my face:


The Three Muskateers



This lipstick is perfect to balance out a strong eye look!


I could have gone with a bit of a more pale nude lip, but since i can’t wear blush right now, i knew i needed a little more colour.  My usual bold reds and pink would have looked garish with such a strong eye, so i needed something just right – enter NARS Audacious lipstick in Catherine. Still qualifying as a nude, technically, it has a bit of punch to it. I reach for this shade a lot when i’m doing a stronger eye. It lasts for hours, being a satin-matte formulation – and is quite comfortable on the lips. I just slapped on my trusty nude lipliner to keep things in place, and i was set…

On my Lips:


The perfect pair


And that’s it for my makeup today! But we can’t forget perfume, now can we? I have a fairly massive collection of perfume – quite a lot of it being from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. I love their themed scents, their high quality ingredients, and inventive combinations.  The one i chose today is called Bear Prince – a rose-heavy Winter scent from the 2015 collection:


BPAL does roses right…

The Bear Prince is described as “Shaggy fur, snow-flecked and rose-touched”. I mainly get a whole lot of fresh rose, with a bit of musk to sexy it up. It has a bit of a cold feel to it – like perhaps there’s just the teensiest iota of mint or wintergreen involved somewhere. It is divine. It lasts and lasts, like most of their scents. It was introduced as a Limited Edition Christmas scent, which i snapped up while i could.

While this particular scent is come and gone, BPAL has many, many rose scents to chose from.

Now, all we have left is my outfit! Which is, really, nothing special. I’m just heading down to the pub for a glass – and it’s pretty casual. I do really like my furry hoodie and boots – they’re cozy and warm on a cold, Chicago night.


Hardly Haute Couture, but i won’t be freezing my arse off!


And that’s all, Darlin’s! I hope you liked my moldy, junkie eye-makeup today, ha! I definitely had fun creating the look.  Have a lovely weekend, everyone, and stay gorgeous!

XO – Monday