Hello, Kumquats!  I’m back after a bit of a hiatus; i’ve been a little under the weather – this time of year is Hell on Autoimmune/Mentally Interesting Snowflakes such as myself – but that just gave me some time to test out a few new makeup and skincare goodies!

My favourite new makeup acquisition has got to be the Sultry Muse eyeshadow palette by Viseart, $80

Viseart is a professional makeup company based in France, known for their beautiful shadow, lipstick, face, brow, and blush palettes. It took me a couple months to decide which one to order first (also, they’re a bit pricey at $80 a pop), but i finally decided on the Sultry Muse palette, which has a nice mixture of warm and cool shades, as well as dark/light to balance everything.  Since i haven’t made an entry in a bit, i DID make sure to play around with some of the colours, and take pictures.

I ordered mine from Sephora, who carries several of the eyeshadow palettes online, but Muse Beauty has the full collection.







My biggest gripe with a lot of palettes out there today is crappy texture and/or lack of pigment. And, of course, the Dreaded Glittervomit.  But the Viseart eyeshadows are, to the last, extremely well pigmented, buttery smooth, and gorgeous on.  I’ve experienced absolutely no creasing, even after a full 8 hour work day/evening out. I’ve never worked with eyeshadows that are so smooth upon application – with just a swipe or two giving a nice, opaque coverage – and the colours are totally true to how they appear in the palette.  I will be doing a swatches photo, but the light has been so crappy and gloomy here, that the one photo i took which came out well colour-wise was blurry AF. So, i will try again later. However, the finish on the shadows in this particular palette is a rather satin or slightly metallic-satin (no glitter, thank the Gods), with the silver shadow being the most intense and metallic.

Sometimes, on Lids of a Certain Age (ahem), glossy/metallic shadows can make the eyes look crepey, and it’s unattractively aging. Not with these shadows. The shimmer is subtle with these, yet rich.  I have had no issues with the texture, et al, and give a double thumbs-up in terms of appropriateness for we more sophisticated (er…older) babes who no longer want to drench our lids in Glittery Unicorn Puke.

Don’t misunderstand – i LIKE a strong, intense eye; but i don’t want to look like one of those women,  obviously no longer in her twenties, trying to pull off makeup that is clearly inappropriate for her – with an entire glittery rainbow packed onto the eyes, and Barbie pink lips. I don’t WANT to look 20. I want to look like a total babe for MY age.  Yeah, i have tattoos and a pixie cut, but on my eyes, super-glittery makeup just looks stupid. I also think going the opposite direction, with too many flat mattes, can also age the look of the eyes. It’s all about finding a good balance.


Rich, gorgeous colours…pink and ecru/neutrals – from top row and pink on second row


Mauves from second and third row, and white highlight from top row


Golds, bronze and brown from second and third row


These all rank up there with the Le Metier de Beauté, or Tom Ford shadows, in my opinion – the texture being very much like the Private Shadow singles he’s recently put out. The colour payoff is incredible, and they blend seamlessly. And every single shade in this palette is something i can wear on a daily basis, or perfect for evening!  In all these photos, i used the Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer, or the YSL Touche Eclat Radiance Perfecting Pen as my base – both which work extremely well to hold onto the pigment and in terms of making the colours pop – not to mention longevity.



Another huge plus; Liquid, as well as pencil, eyeliner goes on like a dream over these shadows, too. I had no issues with dulling of colour or difficulty with any of my liners grabbing on top of the pigments/having to pull on my lids (hello, crinkly Old Bat eyelids).  These are some of the highest quality shadows i’ve ever worked with – i’m extremely impressed, and happy i shelled out the dough!

I’ll definitely be purchasing a couple more of these beautiful palettes – which come in a range of neutrals/warms, cools and brights, as well as both matte and satin/metallic finishes. I also want to pick up a couple of the blush palettes, which are all just gorgeous.

The Last Word? I unequivocally rate this palette a 5/5 – and look forward to adding more to my collection!

Have you tried any Viseart palettes? What did you think?  Which one(s) catch YOUR eye?

I’ll be doing some FoTDs with these shadows, soon – so stay tuned. And stay gorgeous, Darlin’s!

XO – Monday