Happy Friday, my Sick Little Monkeys! Thought I’d share an old photo – that was taken about 12 years ago in my tiny Honolulu apartment. You can see I’m sweating my face off, ha!

As yesterday, I’m still feeling pretty wonky – but never would I neglect you, my beloved Avid Readers. Today, i’m employing all my internal resources to get my bony butt in gear and do all my beauty routine, take my meds (which I take religiously, even if it’s the only thing I get out of bed for), and eat properly so that I can deal with the Ick. But to be honest, even my hair hurts.

*cue tiny violins

Therefore, makeup will be SUPER simple today – my Sick Chick fall-back of an easy cat-eye, and bright red lip. That’s really the best bet when one is feeling like the back-end of an elderly sea cow.

I always pick cheery, flattering clothing colours, and a piece of bright jewelry when I feel gross as well, so as to distract from the tubercular pallor of my complexion.

Mizon Collagen Power Firming Enriched Cream – sounds like a Pokemon

So first off (and yes, I realize that photo is woeful – I’ll  work on it) let’s start with the review of my new moisturizer from the K-Beauty company, Mizon. Mizon is best known for their snail slime (god I love that) creams, which is famous (or perhaps “infamous” is a better term, at least here in stodgy, easily grossed-out U.S. of A) for its regenerative, healing properties – good for smoothing wrinkles, many women swear. I have yet to try the creams, but the mask was really impressive. Instead, I got the Collagen Power Firming Enriched Cream, because I was looking for something for sensitive skin, fragrance free, that would help me to achieve the coveted, faddish (what can I say, i’m a sucker for the latest skincare IT thing) K-Beauty of-the-minute “Glass Skin” look. Which basically means your skin is so highly moisturized and hydrated that it has a mirror-like shine. But not greasy. I dunno. All it means to me is that somehow, my distressingly newly-parched, 47 year-old skin will suddenly be dewy-fresh and hydrated, instead of displaying these weird and gross new crows feet and naso-labial lines. Maybe I should just look into injections…

Anyway, so I snapped this stuff up, and have been using it for about a week now. So far, i’m enjoying it. The lack of fragrance is good, and it hasn’t caused any breakouts.

Love the consistency! Despite weird Starbucks coffee drink colour...

It has a nice, cream-gel consistency, and a funny, light cafe au lait colour. Immediately upon applying, it seems like it might be almost greasy, but soon it absorbs into my skin, leaving a serious glow. I’ve been using it directly over my I’m From Ginseng Serum (which I will apply directly over either my Drunk Elephant C-Serum or another face oil), and it sinks in very well over both of them.

Next, I apply sunscreen – always. As long as it’s daytime, even if it’s overcast. Photoaging is a thing, people. And it can penetrate cloud cover. Sneaky bugger, the sun.

I’ve mentioned several times before that i’m no longer using foundation, so I just apply my Chanel Brightening Base SPF 40 in Mimosa over that, then a light NON-MATTIFYING powder – because the last thing you want to do is kill that glow – then your skin is all set.

Sans makeup or primer. Glass Skin? Maybe not – but that glow is pretty damn nice

It hasn’t been long enough for me to judge any long term effects of this cream, but the glow it imparts is definitely impressive, and so far I haven’t experienced any adverse reactions, even using while i’m a PMSing, hormonal mess. I don’t use this directly under my eyes, because that is the one area where i’m prone to breaking out in hives – and i’m not willing to risk that right now as i’ve been having more issues than usual in that arena.

I do like how this feels non-congestive on the skin, especially in comparison the the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Cream. I love that cream, but it CAN, especially lately, now that my skin is getting healthier, feel too heavy for daytime – so i’ve relegated it to night time use only. The Mizon cream definitely plays better with makeup.

Will I buy this again? At this point, there are still too many other creams I want to try, so maybe so, maybe not. I think once i’m done playing the field a bit more, i’ll figure that out. For now, I can say I DO really like it. There’s no alcohol (an ingredient a lot of K-Beauty companies like to sneak into their products, for some weird reason), no added fragrance, and nothing that irritates my special snowflake skin. It makes me super-glowy without being greasy. Definitely a Sick Chick winner.

No, i DON’T think i have enough perfumes

So, what about perfume? As anyone who has been reading this knows, i’m a bit of a freak about my perfume – and of course I am wearing some right now. Today, my choice is Mlle Lilith, Fortune Teller by Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs (or BPAL to those in the know). Unfortunately, you can’t get this particular scent anymore – i’ve been hoarding it for ages now and still have a ton left, as a tiny bit goes a long way. That’s the beauty of their perfume oils. But luckily for you, they are always coming out with new limited edition scents, and have a huge general catalogue of perfumes that are always in rotation. Go check them out! This one has a lovely bouquet of carnation, rose, pomegranate, coconut, pink musk, sugar and orange blossom. So yummy. If you’re lucky, you may be able to find this one on eBay or their forums, bpal.org.

Sometimes, i like to colour-coordinate with my tattoos…

And now, for the Friday FOTD. As I said, it’s ultra simple. Basically a bold lip, and simple cat-eye with black liquid liner. Occasionally, I’ll use the Pat McGrath Permagel black pencil in Xtreme black, because it’s pretty bloody jet black and it stays put. But I digress – that’s a review for another day.

I’ll do a mini-review for each product used, even though a couple of them will be redundant if you’ve been reading for a bit, as I’ve been stodgily sticking to my Chanel face products.  I promise to change it up soon, when I’m feeling a bit more human.

Maybe it’s just possessed
  • Hourglass Voyeur Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner: I’m a bit on the fence with this one – as you can see, it gives a beautiful, smooth, gorgeous, ultra-black line. The pen is gorgeous, heavy, and easy to use even if you’re a liquid liner novice. HOWEVER. It’s not what i’d call waterproof. My eyes get watery during the day because my eyes are also special snowflakes, and the corners always leak off and need to be redone a couple hours into the day. Another thing, which is a deal breaker for me, ultimately, is that the felt tip on this puppy frayed a month into owning it. That’s the sort of thing I expect after maybe 4 or 5 months, not one. And at $34.00, I expect much, much more. It’s too bad it gives such a pretty line!

  • Givenchy Le Prisme Yeux Mono: Dude, they don’t even make this anymore, lol. I just tried looking it up. The closest thing I can find to the colour would be their new Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow in Nude Plumetis, which I like as well for a nice cat-eye base.
  • Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipstick in Obsessed!: If you’ve been reading this blog at all, you know how much I love her lipsticks. This was the first one I ever bought, I wear it all the time, and you can see from the photo how it looks barely touched. That’s because once you put it on, you don’t need to retouch it unless you’re like, eating ribs or something. And another thing, this line of lipsticks has forever changed the way I view mattes. I used to HATE mattes. They always dried me out and made me look like Queen of the Damned, and made my lips peel, to boot. Not these. The colours are dimensional, don’t look flat at all, and don’t make me peel or dry out! I don’t know how she does it. Mother McGrath is MAGIC. These aren’t cheap, but they will last you an age. I’ve had that baby for a couple months and wear it all the time. It’s kind of my signature colour at the moment and it looks pristine. So go get you some.

  • Chanel Brightening Base in Mimosa: I’ve talked about this a couple of times – it’s a primer/colour correcting base, very sheer, and I wear it instead of foundation because I just really sort of hate foundation. This feels like nothing on the skin, and takes away any residual redness in my sensitive, easily-irritated skin. Doesn’t irritate at all. It has a natural finish. It’s a staple in my bag, i’ll never be without it.

  • Chanel Les Beiges #10 Pressed Powder:  Again, another staple of mine that i’ve talked about before. It’s a sheer powder that comes with an adorable large half-moon brush that fits right in the compact as opposed to the usual flimsy and inadequate puff, and it’s really soft, a quality brush as you’d need expect with Chanel.  It’s hard to explain this powder – it’s not a bronzer, it is an all over powder that gives a bit of healthy colour. I don’t do bronzers – i’m too pale and I think they’re over-used and tacky on pale people like me. But sometimes you need a bit of help in the pallor-department and this does that. It’s hard to explain what it does – you’ll just have to trust me on this!

  • Chanel Stylo Sourcils Waterproof Brow Pencil in Blonde Tendre: One of the few brow pencils for blondes that doesn’t have too much gold or red in it – it stays put, has a ton of product, and has my beloved angled tip. It’s still a tad too dark for my liking – Chanel used to make the perfect blonde pencil, years ago – it was lighter, and so gorgeous. But they discontinued. It. WHY, Chanel??? Anyway, i’m still looking for my perfect, light ash-blonde brow pencil.

  • Givenchy Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara: I’m not generally one to spend money on mascaras, since their shelf-life is so short – but I got a trial-size of this through a Sephora points promotion, and I fell in love with it. The weird brush grabs all your tiny little lashes; I LOVE that brush! The formula is so luxe and different – it doesn’t dry out, so you can layer it really well. Plus it makes my lashes look amazing, as if i’m wearing falsies – it’s even better than my beloved Loreal Voluminous.
Weirdest. Name. Ever.
  • Davines “This Is An Invisible Serum”: And we can’t forget the pixie! I love this stuff, it’s non-sticky, you just need a tiny bit, and it smells like sandalwood. It helps style my short hair without making it look greasy, it doesn’t flake, and holds it in place with just a small amount – use more if you want a slightly more “done”, slick look. It’s quite conditioning, too.

And that’s pretty much it! I didn’t put on any blush, as i’m having one of those days where i’m flushing easily, and that would just make me look feverish and weird, like i’ve got Consumption. Without the coughing up blood bit.

I bought this purely for the picture on the bottle

*looks at bottle of wine

Well, i’m probably not going out tonight, seeing as how i’m convalescing and all…but look at me, all prettied up and no place to go. The least I can do is have a glass, no? Maybe Calvin and Fritz will try to tip it over for me, and it’ll be a party!

Have fun out there tonight, my little Kumquats! Talk to you tomorrow…

XO – Monday