Hey, everyone!

Well, I’ve been sick the past couple of days; some kind of bug coupled with my usual semi-crippling Crimson Wave-induced pain (i.e. Endometriosis). So when I got up this morning to get ready for work, I still wasn’t at 100%, and it showed.

I pretty much have a formula at this point for when I must venture out in public on days when I’m sick, and I thought I’d share one of my go-to makeup looks for such occasions.

The thing about losing a keg’s worth of blood in 5 or so days is that it can leave one looking a little…pallid.  Since I’m not in high school anymore, I’m pretty much over the whole Siouxsie Sioux look, with the Sharpie raccoon eyeliner, laudanum addict pallor, and black lipstick. Rather, my goal is to look like I have a little life in my face, without having to put forth a whole lot of effort (generally preferable when it hurts to stand for any period of time).

This morning, I had to contend with super-dry skin that looked about three shades too pale, dark circles, and watery eyes.  When I’ve got all that going on, I rely on a bright lip, healthy, glowy looking skin, and minimal eye makeup.

At the end of the post, I will provide links to all products I used today.


Behold, I am become Death! With bright orange lips...


So, instead of my current usual smoky cat-eye look with complicated shadows and a nude lip, I went for the path of least resistance, focusing on the bright lip in order to liven up my sallow, bloodless complexion.  I still drew my ubiquitous cat-eye with liquid liner, because after so many years, I can manage that in my sleep. But that’s about all my bloodshot, leaking orbs could handle.


Brow pencil and eyeliner – because my brows are nonexistent, and I feel naked w/out my liquid liner


The basics – strong lips and minimalist eyeshadow


I always do my eyes first, so I don’t have to contend with eyeshadow fallout ruining my foundation/concealer.  Today, I simply put the subtle gold Tom Ford Private Shadow in Moonlighting  all over my lid, lined my top lash line with my black Le Metier de Beaute liquid eyeliner, and was going to leave it at that after a good coat of mascara – however, that left me looking a little unfinished, so I swiped a little taupe/green in my crease, and a highlight under my brows from the Natasha Denona 5 Eyeshadow Palette #08 .  Then I smudged a bit of brown LMdB Pencil in Roxo about 1/3 across my lower lash line.  Super easy! No liner in my waterline or heavy liner and shadow under my eyes, since they are so watery today I’d look like the Bride of Frankenstein by noon.


Contour/highlighter makes me look convincingly un-corpselike


Next, I tackle my complexion; this is where I put in most of my effort today, as my skin is looking really peaked and dry.


All the Face Things


After my toner, essences, serums, and a good moisturizer, I break out my trusty  Chanel Le Blanc Light Creator Brightening Base, which is pretty much like the YSL Touche Eclat (which I indeed used under my eyes today as well) for the whole face.  It immediately wakes up the look of my skin, while canceling out any areas of redness.  Then, using my moistened Beauty Blender, I bounced in my Natasha Denona Face Glow Foundation in shade #20.  Although it’s not a heavy coverage, this stuff definitely makes my skin look instantly glowing and evened out, especially when layered over the Chanel base.

Next, is my trusty Natasha Denona Sculpt & Glow Palette for contouring and highlighting.  Even with my unusual pallor today, the shades are so subtle and easily blended that I had no trouble creating a pretty, natural look – making the vampire visage a thing of the past. Make sure not to skip lightly  contouring along the hairline by the forehead, as it helps create the illusion of a sun kissed glow.  The highlighters in this palette can also be used under the brows and on the inner corners of the eyes! This does wonders for opening up tired eyes.

I also applied a light dusting of neutral-coral  blush, which I totally forgot to include in the photos. Le sigh.  Blush is essential to help take away the sickly, pale grey cast  – and I always go with a softer shade so it doesn’t look too glaring against my consumptive pallor.

Finally, I’m ready for lipstick – today, I chose the Chanel Rouge Velvet in First Light – a gorgeous, red-orange shade that could liven up Bela Lugosi’s complexion.  While it’s a matte, this formula never dries out my lips, which is essential when I’m ill and dehydrated.


My secret weapon


Finally, I spray my face with a hydrating setting spray, which I carry with me so I may reapply approximately 47 million times during the day.  My current favourite is the Dr Dennis Gross C + Collagen Perfect Skin Set & Refresh Mist.  I love that it contains vitamin C, and is very hydrating to my parched, feverish skin, without messing up my makeup.

I consider this stuff absolutely essential when I’m feeling gross – it immediately cools down skin, and is so refreshing! It totally kills any dry patches that may creep through during the day.

And voila!  I’m ready to face the day, without having to worry about frightening small children on the street.

All the Things:

I hope you found this post helpful!  What are your sick-day essentials? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know what other people use on their less than awesome days.

Stay gorgeous, Kumquats!

XO – Monday