For years, i’ve been reading beauty blogs by bright-eyed young women who raved on about the latest foundation, or what-have-you, often on days when i could barely drag my autoimmune-plagued, med-infused carcass out of bed to make the coffee; the very act of hovering the suddenly dangerous-looking, pointy eyeliner near my cornea seemed a feat of heroism.  It seemed there was something missing in the beauty blogging world.

I realize that i might be the only person reading this for awhile – i’m really kind of writing it for myself, to be honest. I’m a former makeup artist of 20 years who has had Hashimoto’s, Lyme Disease, and Bipolar illness for decades now, and i kind of wish there was a blog that talked about how to keep oneself looking and feeling pretty when you actually feel like the arse-end of a wildebeest in a thunderstorm…so hence, this blog.

Over the years, i’ve done a lot of work to streamline my skincare, makeup, diet and exercise routine to make it work for me – a person who doesn’t always have the energy or time to fool around with fifty-gazillion products and routines; and i need what i do to work. Some days, i wake up and look like i’ve aged five years overnight!

I love makeup, always have and always will. I love messing around with creams and lotions and all that jazz. But i don’t have the time or money to waste on junk that doesn’t work. So, i figured i’d start writing about the things i do that work for me, and the things that i try – my trials and errors and successes, and share them here.

I’m just building the site now, as you can see, so bear with me as i make it look presentable! My first post got eaten yesterday, so this is a rewrite. Later today i’ll hopefully have a review for you.

Meantime, i’ll try and get this thing up and running! xo