If you look around right now, it seems every makeup company is putting out a palette with gold and green eyeshadows – from Cle de Peau to Charlotte Tilbury, from Fenty to Pat McGrath, from Suqqu to Chanel – gold and green eyeshadows are everywhere. And the same goes for black liquid eyeliner – not like it necessarily went anywhere, but it’s IN now with a huge bang on the runways for the coming season, as well as the lovely shade of orange-red lipstick that seems to be everywhere now:














This is good news for me, because i’m a fan of all three of these things. I love wearing a bare face and an orange-based red lip, or even just flat-out orange lip with some mascara, especially in the Spring and Summer, when such colours seem especially appropriate (blue-reds seeming more appropriate for the colder months). Two of my current favourites are the gorgeous “Tell Laura” from Charlotte Tilbury, which i’ll be reviewing soon but you can see on me in this post, as well as the versatile “Tropicalia” by Pat McGrath Labs, which i’m wearing in this post.

And of course, i adore jewel-toned eyeshadows. They’re fun to play with, as just a wash of colour to pair with a nude lip, or as an accent in a more dramatic look.  And, as always, i love a nice, strong, black liquid eyeliner!


Every colour is wearable – a rarity in a palette!


Enter the new Chanel Les 9 Ombres Palette for Spring 2018 – which has a lovely collection of jewel-toned green, aqua, and gold included right in it! It’s actually what decided me to buy the palette, ultimately. The colours are all completely wearable, but those three in particular are just divine.  Today, i used several of the colours to create a look using all three elements of this trend that i’m really liking for the coming Spring season:


Using gold, green, smoky grey, pink, and pearl shadows


It’s been awhile since i’ve had this much fun playing with eyeshadows – probably because i haven’t bought a new palette in like…er. Well let’s just say i haven’t bought a new palette in a while. I’ve been picking and choosing duos and singles like a miserly old lady, because i’m just so picky about my colours. I just can’t bring myself to buy a palette if there are four shadows that i know i will never wear. I used to do this all the time, and i end up getting super annoyed every time i see those unused shadows. But as i said, every single shadow in this collection is something i know i’ll wear, and regularly.

This particular look also plays quite well with a favourite colour lipstick of mine – a lovely peachy-coral shade by Pat McGrath i picked up – for once, not a blood red or bright pink!



OK, enough of my big FACE. I seriously adore this palette!  It’s extremely versatile, and i can create a subtle daytime look just as easily as a dramatic evening eye. The shadows are grouped into “trios” that supposedly work well together for people who are novices at the whole colour-matching thing and need some help in that department, but you can easily mix any of these to create a whole new look. The possibilities, my little Kumquats, are – as they say – endless!

The shadows themselves are easily blendable, with the darker colours being a bit less so than the brights and lighter shades. Nothing you can’t work with, just a heads up. I found the jewel tones and gold to be extremely buttery smooth, and the two shades up top – the pink and pearl, just as smooth. Really the only two shadows that were a bit of extra work are the two darkest shades, on the inside left and outside right.

I’ll be doing more posts with looks from this palette, so stay tuned!


The Works


Don’t ask me how, but i forgot to pack along my primer that i used today – but i’ll list it below. Hey, i’m still sick here!  It’s actually a miracle that i got that eyeshadow on without looking like a 1980’s movie prostitute, and didn’t poke my eye out with the liquid eyeliner pen.

Wearing in this post cough, cough:

Ok, Darlin’s – that’s about it for this Sick Chick. I need to get home and eat some chicken soup and get my arse into bed!

I do hope you enjoyed today’s review and demo of the lovely Les 9 Ombres Palette by Chanel; I, for one, am  absolutely loving my new toy!  Have a great evening, and stay gorgeous, people 🙂

XO – Monday