One of the phenomena about cutting your hair short – very short – is that you tend to keep wanting to go even shorter. Suddenly, the feel of hair on the back of your neck – the fringe of bangs getting in your eyes – tends to start to drive you crazy. Spending more than five or so minutes on styling seems like unnecessary and absurd time that could be spend on other things, like skincare and makeup (plus, it makes my arms soooo tired). Hence, my decision to go even shorter with my pixie when i went to my stylist, Nicci from Restoration Salon in Chicago, yesterday.

I love seeing Nicci, because she’s always up for my crazy ideas; whether it’s that time i wanted to shave one side of my head, or put blue and green streaks in my hair, or even the time i thought i wanted to grow it out.  Whatever it is, she’s game.  It had been about 8 weeks since my last cut, and my hair grows FAST. My roots were about an inch deep two weeks previous, if that gives you some idea of how often i need a cut (luckily for me, she free gives bang/neck trims!).  So, when i brought in a photo of model Tao Okamoto, with her super-short pixie with baby bangs and cute little side-fringe, i knew she’d be up to the task.


The beautiful Tao – i love her hair here!


For the last 5/6 months or so, i’ve been doing the undercut look with my pixie, with the longer, side-swept bangs and super-short sides. However, i’d been getting sick of that look – especially since i seem to see it everywhere, lately. I hate when my pixie looks like everyone else’s!  So when i saw this photo of Tao Okamoto’s hair, i knew this was it.


Nicci doing her thing


I think this cut looks much better with my face shape, as well; i have a large forehead, and a long face – so the short sides of the undercut and sort of rectangular shape of the cut made my face look even longer. Baby bangs and the rounder shape of this cut balances my face out, and makes it look like my forehead isn’t dominating my face so much.  Also, it shows off my good features, too! If you have large eyes and high cheekbones, a pixie cut can really bring those out.

I feel SO much better now that i have the right cut for my face shape. I’ve gone through many, many pixies over the years, experimenting with different shapes and bang lengths, etc. I think that the baby bangs really do look best on me. Plus, it’s just SO easy!  As a Sick Chick, not having to screw around with my hair for an hour every day is such a great thing. After years of having hair down to my waist, i do appreciate the beauty of long hair – but there’s no way i’d ever go back at this point. I enjoy the edginess of the androgyny, and the freedom too much.


Short and Sweet! (aaaand, i need to touch up my roots already…)

The other fun thing about the pixie cut is being able to get away with strong makeup looks. Pixie cuts are made for bright lips, fun eyeshadow colours, and graphic eyeliner. I definitely started getting more adventurous with my makeup once i cut my hair short. It just seemed natural to wear orange lipstick and draw on a thick cat-eye! I just feel like i can be myself with short hair. Especially when it’s platinum – it’s like having a license to be just a little different. People almost expect it of you.


I really achieved that sort of 1920’s, bruised, tubercular, opium addict look under my eyes with that blue, i feel…




I didn’t exactly go Instagram-style crazy here today; as we all know, that’s really not my thing. I’m having a flare-up week with my Hashimoto’s that i’m just starting to pull out of, so i’m keeping things simple anyway. I kept my lids clean with my Tom Ford Private Shadow in a pale gold shade, “Moonlighting”, and just used a little pop of blue from my Chanel Les 9 Ombres Palette on the inner-corner to wake things up a bit, and add a touch of interest. Under my brows is highlighted with the pearl shade from the Chanel palette.

I counted on my Charlotte Tilbury orange lip in “Tell Laura” to carry the look, and added a bit of Laura Mercier blush in “Lush Nectarine” to keep me from looking too washed out.

My Laneige Cushion Compact is doing a pretty good job of keeping my still-irritated skin looking even and smooth (if not perfect – that would take a full-coverage foundation, and i’m not into foundation, period). I haven’t had to use powder, yet my skin still has a glowy, satiny look to it. I really like the finish on this Cushion!

After putting on my ubiquitous cat-eye, I lined just the outer corners of my lower lids with the atom Ford pencil in Azure, to balance out the blue shadow on the inner corners. A bit of mascara (ok, I slathered on the mascara) on the upper and lower lashes, and I called it done.



What I’m wearing in this post:


Well, my little Kumquats – that’s about it for me, today! It’s time for this Tubercular Irish Wastrel to lie down, have a glass of red, and enjoy the Gumbo i made today! Kitties await (they really need to learn to clean up after themselves…sigh…the state of my bathroom is truly atrocious), and i have cuddles, food, and loafing to attend to.

Stay gorgeous, Darlin’s!

XO – Monday