Hey, Darlings! Just a quick NYE post before i gotta fly – i hope you’re all doing something fabulous, even if that fabulous thing is just hanging out with family or your 17 Pomeranians or Pit-bulls or whatever. Or going to some insane party with 3 dates who don’t know about each other…you cad.

Here’s my not-so-complicated look for tonight – hope you enjoy!

I’m essentially a lazy creature when it comes to dressing – and so when holidays roll around, i tend to fall back on what’s easy; black. It’s cheap, you can wear boots with it, and it’s got that 60’s beatnik, Edie Sedgwick vibe that works well with my haircut. That girl would walk around Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory at parties wearing nothing but black tights, a long shirt, a pixie cut, and fabulous makeup.

I am just following a chic formula for success.

Also, i just don’t have the energy to be stressing over what’s in my closet when it’s 7 degress outside, and going to drop down to -10 by tonight, when things really get rolling. I’m wearing – literally- three coats out there, and tall knee-high leather boots. I don’t have a car, and i’m meeting my friends at the bar/social club thingy (Chicago is all into these “social club” things now – they’re still pubs, as far as i can tell, but they make fancy drinks they can charge you more for, and the bartenders like to be called “Mixologists”).

ANYWAY. So i’m focusing on makeup. Since i was thwarted in my hunt for the Elson lipstick yesterday, i DID manage to find a close second in my lipstick drawer, also by Mother McGrath – a knockout, I Ain’t Playin’ Around Witchoo Red called “Sedition“.

Sedition, indeed…

Pretty much everything is focused around the lipstick, which i realize is pretty much anti-Edie, but dudes, i have no patience for wiping away dripping eyeliner in the freezing wet cold out there tonight. It’s like, STUPID cold in Chicago right now. Plus, red lips are festive. And it definitely breaks up the endless swath of BLACK i’ve draped myself in;


Yes, i KNOW it’s a crappy shot…but check the BOOTS. Rawr. Edie would be proud.


So yeah – red lips and boots. That’s what i’m hoping carries my look tonight. The dress is from H&M, the leggings are super thermally lined  by Champion, and my boots, by Rampage, were like $20 on sale at Filene’s.

For the eyes, i basically just swiped on some neutral eyeshadow by NARS – the ever-useful Alhambra duo:

THE duo for a cat-eye.

Then, of course, i wanted my eyeliner to last, so i used my Cle de Peau CPM Intensity Liner. It won’t budge all night, i can count on it.


On my face, as usual i’m not wearing foundation – i’ve got on my new Amore-Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact SPF 50 in #201. It’s got my face SUPER GLOWY looking, i seriously am loving this stuff!



My Preciousssss…

Eek! My carriage (bus) is about to arrive, so i better wrap it up – for blush, i’ve got on my usual Chanel Joues Contraste in Hyperfresh, and Mascara is Chanel’s Volume de Chanel in Noir – and this time, eyebrows are my cute little K-Beauty find from Choc Choc here in Chicago, It’s Skin brow pencil in “Pink” (seriously).

That’s it, my little Kumquats! I have to run and meet up with people before dinner – so i hope everyone has a safe, happy, fantastic and healthy New Year’s Eve!

XO – Monday