The things i want that make my wallet want to weep…

Today is “wishlist” day in the blogging challenge Thingamawhatsit – so buckle up, because i am a covetous little beast with extremely expensive tastes. Generally, i try to keep things to a fairly reasonable level, expenditure-wise; and i think i usually manage fairly well, except once in a while, when i don’t. Then i set firm limits on myself until i’m back on track. I’m not beyond still getting a little Manic in my spending, even these days…

The best way to deal with over-spending urges is to make a Wishlist – that way, i have time to contemplate if it’s something i really, really want, or if it is just a passing glitch in my brain that was telling me i MUST HAVE this ridiculous, pretty thing that will spend the next five years collecting dust in my cabinet. If it’s something really pricey, in the skincare range, i always try to order samples off of eBay from a trusted seller for a good month or so to make sure it’s something my skin really loves/needs before laying out any serious cash.

If it’s makeup, obviously i will go try it on. Sometimes, it’s love at first sight. Other times, i make myself wait and think about it. Like with the Cle de Peau Intensity Liquid Eyeliner – i made myself wait a good 8 months before splurging on that baby – and i have no regrets. If it’s something like my current obsession, the Viseart Palettes, which can only be ordered online, it’s a much bigger risk – and i have to rely upon web pictures for colours and textures. But you have to admit, these look pretty damn beautiful (and so, i guess we’re starting with makeup!):


Viseart Paris Nude Eyeshadow Palette
Viseart Sultry Muse Eyeshadow Palette


  • Viseart Paris Nudes & Sultry Muse Palettes – $80 each: Oh, how i lust after these palettes! Viseart has a stellar reputation for making excellent, professional cosmetics that are highly pigmented, with velvety textures to rival none. I have been eyeballing these babies for months, now – because it is SO HARD for me to find palettes that don’t have a) loads of %$#@ GLITTER, and b) a bunch of colours i won’t ever wear. In both of these palettes, there is not a single shade i wouldn’t get use of. There are several more palettes –  for skin, eyes, as well as lips –  sold by both MuseBeauty Pro, and Sephora.


Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Intense – the Mother of all Cushions


  • Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Intense – $80 (with refill): Arguably the best cushion compact on the market for “Ladies of a Certain Age” (cough). It’s chock full of hydrating, anti-aging, and  anti-oxidant ingredients like Red Pine, Pearl Powder Complex, and plum blossom – while giving that dewy, no-makeup look that we all love from cushions. It’s pricey AF, but it does come with a refill, so that takes the sting out considerably when you look at it from that angle. The colours come in pink or yellow-toned bases, all in the lighter range (it’s a Korean company, they tend to be a bit narrow in that regard, unfortunately). I’ve heard such great things about this cushion and this company as a whole (wait til we get to my skincare wishlist section…) – that i’m chomping at the bit to try this one out.
Holy Grail concealer


  • Cle de Peau Broad Spectrum Concealer SPF 25 $70 : The Gold Standard of all concealers, this baby is the absolute best of the best. I’m currently scraping the bottom of the sample card on mine, as i ran out awhile back and just haven’t wanted to cough up the dough – i tried a few other concealers, everything under the sun from NARS to Kevyn Aucoin to Hourglass to Dermablend – none of them hold a candle to Cle de Peau. It’s creamy, it covers without settling into fine lines, it blends seamlessly. It feels like silk on the skin. It’s…perfect.  So, i’m going to bite the bullet, and when my sample is finished, get myself another one of these Precious. The good news is, one will last me at LEAST a year – and that sort of makes the initial cost a lot less painful in the long-run.


TF Eyeshadow Quad in Nude Dip


  • Tom Ford Eye Color Quads – $85: I mean, really, i’ll take any of these. Tom Ford’s eyeshadows are to DIE for. They’re buttery-smooth, the colours are gorgeous and uncommon yet totally wearable – GLITTER-FREE, and the finishes are just so, so lovely. They also don’t budge or crease, all day. The pans of shadow in the quad are a good, healthy size, as well.  I’ve made myself wait for FAR too long on these! I’ve got a single shadow, which they just came out with, and i’m crazy about it. It’s probably time.


Sensai Liquid Eyeliner


  • Sensai Liquid Eyeliner – $43.46 USD: I’m not sure if i want this because it’s only sold in Asian countries and Europe, or if it’s because the packaging is so cool, or if it’s because it’s Sensai, and they supposedly make excellent cosmetics – their foundations in particular. Either way, i want this eyeliner. Because LIQUID EYELINER THAT I CAN’T GET IN THE USA. Fortunately, these days it’s a cinch to order from Harrods and get it within a week or so. Eventually, it will be mine…


The Mythical Chanel Dragon – harder to find than a Unicorn


  • Chanel Infrarouge Whisperlight Lipstick in Dragon: Even finding a decent photo of this elusive, iconic lipstick is nigh on impossible. I loved this lipstick with all my black, narcissistic little heart, back in the day. I’ve never forgotten it, obviously. It also came in a beautiful lacquer, with a doe-foot applicator. It was – quite simply – the Perfect Red. Le sigh. Every once in awhile, i’ll see it pop up on eBay for an exorbitant amount of money. Then, like the Unicorn, it disappears…




Sulwhasoo’s Stupid Expensive Ginseng Eye Cream (not the official name)


  • Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Eye Cream – $180: *Eyes roll to back of skull just thinking about it*  I know, i know – One Hundred Eighty Dollars. It deserves to be typed out – written long-hand in Palmer script on heavy vellum paper, even. Ugh. But.  I already know the Magic of the Creepy Humanoid Root Ginseng (seriously, it looks like a little wizened old man – or possibly Gollum). I know what it does for things like hives, and i’ve been using it under my eyes in the form of my I’m From Ginseng Serum for weeks now – because that’s where i get my hives. From eye cream/serum reactions, to weird autoimmune response, it’s just where i tend to react the most. And my skin there has been looking pretty amazing, lately. Brighter. Smoother. Also, I’ve been reading about this cream on the one forum i actually trust – Reddit. From the K-Beauty forums, to the Asian Beauty forums, to the Skincare forums – across the board, women love this cream, and they see results. I actually had a woman who had similar problems reacting to eye creams personally recommend it to me there. It has TONS of the Gollum-root in it, and a bunch of other great things as well. My big problem with eye creams is that i often end up having to skip them for a day or two because i react so negatively to most of them if i use them for more than a couple days in a row, and my eye area needs a break. That’s when i pile on the Ginseng Serum, and the Snail Mucin. But, that area needs a bloody cream. I have fine lines. I am dry, FFS. So my thought is, if the serum i’m using is brightening and smoothing a bit – and the Reddit ladies – who call Bullshit when they see it – can be trusted when they across the board say their fine lines are diminishing with use of this Stupid Expensive Cream…might it not be worth it??  We shall see. I just ordered some samples on eBay from a reliable vendor who posts the lot number and expiry date, and i will give it a shot. If it really lives up to the hype, i may have to bite the bullet and eat cat food for a month or so. Actually, who am i kidding? They eat better than i do…
Sulwhasoo’s $120 Sheet Mask…Uh.


  • Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask – $120: Ok, for realz, at $120 a pop for a one-time use sheet mask, this thing better give me Juvederm injections, too. But you know – it’s got awesome reviews, and probably feels so decadent and luxurious to put such an expensive mask on one’s face…and then just toss it away like yesterday’s garbage. So, you know…i totally want one.



Are you sensing a trend, here…?


  • Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil EX – $38: Again, because of the little Gollum Root, and Reddit, i really want to try this stuff. I love cleansing oils for my first cleanser in the two-step process for their ability to clear away any and all makeup, sunscreen, serums, dirt, et al; and the one i’m using currently has been dropping the ball a bit lately when it comes to getting all of my stronger eye makeup off. Now that i’m using the Cle de Peau  and Tom Ford eyeliner, i am needing to rub at my eyes WAAAY too much to get everything off. Not good for le Crows Feet, my little Kumquats. This stuff, however, has no such complaints. It’s supposed to whisk away any and all makeup, even the waterproof stuff, with no rubbing or effort – so yeah. I want. As a matter of fact, just give me EVERYTHING in the Sulwhasoo Ginseng line, and i’ll be happy.


Calendula is the coolest for stressed skin


  • Neogen Real Flower Calendula Cleansing Water – $22: Neogen is a new K-Beauty company that’s really got my attention – they have managed to strike a seemingly perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and simple, natural concepts and ingredients in their products in a way that makes them truly unique, and a totally hip concept, in my book. This cleanser looks really cool – it can be used as cleanser OR toner, and is full of calming calendula flowers, like – literally, the flowers themselves. I’ve been playing around with a couple of their products, and so far, i’m very impressed. I’m eager to get my hands on this.


Neogen does it again – a black cream – how Punk Rock is that?


  • Neogen Black Volume Cream – $38: Ok, so this volumizing, super-hydrating gel-cream for dry, dehydrated, and mature skin has all sorts of high-tech stuff in it, like hyaluronic acid and ceramides and alpha lipolic acids and something called Anthocyanin black…but all you really need to see is this:




Camellia AND Jasmine oil?! Swoon…
  • Femmue Ideal Oil – $58: Aaand, here’s another new skincare company that’s about to get all my money. Femmue is a new player who uses “flower therapy”, focusing on simple, natural ingredients to calm and nourish skin. I sound like a bloody ad, innit? But really, their concept is elegant, and their packaging is so preeeetty.  They regularly use rose, camellia, jasmine, and lavender in their products – all of which my skin loves and does not freak out on. And, having made my own skincare with those very same ingredients for a long time, i know the price point makes sense because i know how much i paid when making my own with quality oils. The verdict from customers so far? Nothing but positive, from what i’ve seen.

  • Femmue Extraordinary Beauty Cleansing Balm – $42: Ok, ok – i have a Thing for cleansers. True. But this just looks soooo lovely! It’s a jelly that turns into an oil – how cool is that??  It’s got ylang ylang, citrus and bergamot – which could be good, could be bad – citrus can be irritating for some, but i used the Sunday Riley cleansing oil and it was great for my skin – and it’s chock full of citrus. As for the ylang ylang, we’ll have to see – but i just can’t resist the concept. And it’s GOT to smell just heavenly. Sign me up.


Dreaming of how empty my wallet will be after all these purchases…in black and white, because poverty is tres Noir


And so, that pretty much wraps up all the things i currently covet in the magical land of beauty. I shudder to think how many dollars all that represents…

But as my Grandma, who looked like Jean Harlow and snuck cigarettes in the basement used to always say – you have to suffer to be beautiful! And, apparently, be super, super broke.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Gross Consumerism – feel free to share your wishlist with me – it’ll make me feel a little less acquisitive.

XO – Monday