So i was perusing some blogs via Reddit, generally falling down the Internet rabbit-hole of beauty bloggers (and there are some weiiiiird things going on out there, let me tell you…), when i ran across January Girl’s blog – who, by the way, has some pretty sweet eye-makeup skills – and saw she had cobbled together a month-long blogging challenge thing.  And i thought, why not?  

Because seriously, let’s be honest – it takes some creativity to put together something like that, and also some lady-balls to put it out there and invite other bloggers to participate. And, i liked her ideas – so this Sick Chick is doing it. I’m probably going to cheat a wee bit and condense the first two posts, which are the intro post and the blogging routine post, but essentially, here is the challenge (image reposted from January Girl):


I especially am looking forward to day 29 – lol


This will be great, because, if nothing else, it will force me to get my nails done.

But seriously – i like the idea of basing my posts on somebody else’s ideas for a change. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone, and that’s always a good thing. Plus, i’m trying to get to know some other bloggers out there, which isn’t the easiest thing, i’m finding.

Chicks, man.

I kid, i kid.

Anyway, i invite any fellow bloggerettes out there to take up this challenge and have some fun with it!

So, as i said, i’m going to condense the first two days and talk a bit about my blogging/writing process.  I’ve been blogging and writing in general for a long time, now. Since blogging was in its inception, i’ve been doing it – i had a blog back in the early 90’s when i was in college and it was this new, crazy thing – i learned html and everything so mine would look cool. I wrote about school, and being a young mom, and – yeah – makeup. In terms of how i go about it, not much has changed – read on to learn about the mysterious, artistic process behind blogging…

Cultivate a Proper State of Mind.  The most important part of sitting down to write is, of course, preparation. One must be in the proper frame of mind in order to write. This requires that one be as relaxed as possible, and free of the stresses of the day;


Professional Writer’s Tools


I find that laying in a stock of quality chocolate and libations is a necessary part of starting any writing project. Once the mind is properly lubricated, calmed, and supple, then the wells of creativity can overflow!  I always shop locally for my supplies of nifty meats, cheeses, chocolates, and drinks just down the street at Rogers Park Provisions, where the employees are super knowledgeable, friendly, and always up for talking about our respective cat-antics! Plus, they have the best wine around, for a great price, hands down. I regularly discover new reds – my favourite – i would never have found otherwise while browsing here, usually by vaguely telling one of the long-suffering employees that i’m in the mood for something “sort of with a vanilla, jammy, feel, but not spicy, because i’m so over that right now…”  I’ve run in here for last minute awesome luxuries like hand-crafted soaps and potions et al when i’m at a loss. They also have a loyalty program, so after spending a certain amount (and believe me, when you “write” as much as me, cough, it rolls around quickly), you get 10% off your purchase! Which pretty much clinches the deal. I will happily donate my liver to their shop when i am dead.

Plan Ahead. For me, my “planning” stage (ha, ha) is sort of dependent upon my mood, my health that particular day, what new “toys” i might have happened to have acquired, what’s new in the beauty world, and what i’m obsessed with; but generally i tend to plan my posts out a day ahead.  Sometimes, if i’m in need of inspiration, since i tend to acquire a bunch of stuff at once (samples, purchases, and occasional gifts), i just open my cabinet, close my eyes, and point;


The Menagerie


Write about your passion! Generally, these days, i write about whatever is new and exciting to me in the world of K-Beauty, or how i incorporate my beauty and skincare routine into the complications of dealing with my various health issues – and new stuff pops up with those two things pretty much all the time. I DO want to branch out into doing more tutorials and playing around with more makeup looks, like i did in my old blog – so that’s something to start working on.

Get out there!  It’s important to get out in the world and see what’s going on in the beauty industry – living in a big city like Chicago, it’s fairly easy for me to hop on public trans, and see what people around me are doing – i.e. what’s trending; also, trips to Sephora, Saks, Nordstrom, and my favorite K-Beauty stores, like Choc Choc!


It’s important to wear one’s best lipstick on the Chicago Transit System, in order to impress the ranting inebriates, who will invariably sit next to you! Pat McGrath LuxeTrance lipstick – Sedition


Trial and Error;  Trying out new products is part of the game with beauty blogging. Mostly it’s a lot of fun, even though it can get a little expensive. But, if you’re a beauty addict like me, you’re going to do it anyway, so why not write about it? Part of the fun of being a blogger is trying out new stuff and seeing if it works for you. Sometimes, you find a Holy Grail product that you can’t wait to write about. Other times, stuff explodes in your sink…


I just have this effect on inanimate objects, what can i say…?


Photography skillz, yo! Not that you’d guess it from most of my posts thus far, but i actually am a photographer.  I’ve been waiting to get new lighting for my new apartment, blah blah…but honing one’s photog skills is an important part of beauty blogging. You want to be able to show off your makeup skills, as well as the products you’re talking about, to their best advantage – and photography is a big part of that. Getting a ridiculously expensive camera isn’t super necessary, you can find a decent one if you do a little research online. Mine is a Canon DSLR, but it’s old at this point and i probably need an upgrade one of these days. But for now, it serves its purpose just fine. At the moment, though, until my lighting situation gets sorted, i’ve just been mainly using my iPhone, ha ha (in-camera lighting adjustment FTW).

Social Media Integration.  I truly suck at this, but it’s important to have your bases covered in this department. Have an instagram account, Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter, and make sure you’re posting to all of them regularly when you post to your blog. Follow people you’re interested in, as well as companies. It’s kind of a lot of work, but can be fun, especially on Instagram, at least i find. And you kind of need to do it if you want people to read your blog – plus, it’s a great way to network!

And finally…

Be Yourself, Kid! There are a gazillion bloggers out there, and nobody wants to read just another chick/dude rambling on in the same old droney voice about how, like, AWESOME the Mac Snowball thingy is. Ok, great. So, WHY is it awesome to YOU? Why do YOU like it? Or maybe you hate it. Good. Tell me about it in no uncertain terms, but you don’t have to be catty about it. This isn’t high school. And can you find something else that maybe is a little different to talk about? What makes you, YOU?  Have confidence in your own unique beauty. Develop a style and go with it. Don’t be afraid to be you – the girl trying desperately to be the popular chick is always a little boring, secretly; you’re all grown up now. And stop, fer fucksake, worrying about how many freakin’ FOLLOWERS you have. If you’re not writing your beauty blog because you love to write, then what’s the point?

Ok, so those are my Writing Secrets, my little Kumquats.

Now i’ll have to kill you.

Or not – because then who’d read this?  I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Wearing in main post image –

Have a great day, and keep your face on!

XO – Monday