As promised, I’m back today with part 2 of my Drunk Elephant Night and Day serum review!  I mentioned yesterday that these two products have transformed my skin – and i wasn’t kidding, folks.  This past year has been a real tornado of suck, and the stress has taken a real toll on my looks, not to mention my health and self-esteem. But it’s my LOOKS that we care about, amirite? As grandma always said, never let the bastards see you suffer. She was a real proponent of keeping your game face on – and mine, darlings, was melting like plastic under the blowtorch of doom.

So when i got the Hell out of dodge and not only washed that man right out of my hair but actually cut about 7 inches of it off to boot, I grabbed the cat (and acquired a new stray), got my health back under control, and got my own place in the city – i was ready to look in the mirror and take some honest inventory. And what i saw was not lovely, guys. As i mentioned in yesterdays post; i had lost a frightening amount of weight, i was recovering from illness, stressed and dehydrated. I looked old. And while i certainly wasn’t – and still am not – ready to go out there and meet some new man (i’ll stick with watching that hot dude from GoT on Frontier for now, thank you), i wanted to look good again for ME.

Now, i’ve always had a sort of love/hate relationship with vitamin C serums. I get the concept behind them; vitamin C helps with collagen production and maintenance, as well as helping protect against free-radicals and acting as a powerful anti-oxidant, and who doesn’t need that, especially when you’re in your 40’s, like me? Gimme. BUT, the execution has always left something to be desired; vitamin C is terribly hard to stabilize, and often the packaging is all wrong, or the formulation is off, so by the time it hits your skin, you might as well be slathering on very expensive water. However, SCIENCE has made some inroads, and more stable forms of the C-monster have been developed – and the L-ascorbic acid used in conjunction with Ferulic Acid in the Drunk Elephant C-Firma actually penetrate the skin, is stable, and is packaged in an opaque pump which keeps out light and air so that it doesn’t oxidize.  Not only that, it has a “resevoir effect”, which means it stays active on the skin for 72 hours and cannot be washed off. For you, this means you can use it every couple of days, which is more cost-effective, making the $80 per 1fl oz price tag much easier to swallow. The pump dispenses just enough to use on the face, and you can even use a half-pump if you need a little more for the neck area, which is what i do. I use it every other day, and my skin has been looking absolutely incredible – i have definitely noticed a glow, an increase in smoothness of the texture, less breakouts, my skin looks and feels bouncier, and has much more evenness in tone.

Behold, me sans a stitch of makeup, 8 in the morning, directly after applying the C-Firma serum.  I am 47 years old, people. My skin did NOT look this good a year ago, and there is no way in Hell you could have gotten me to post a photo of myself with no makeup online…are you kidding me? Just…no.  This stuff is a game-changer.

Bottom line?  I don’t use foundation anymore. I use primer for a bit of colour-correction on that beak of a nose, which is always a bit red in the winter because CHICAGO, and a bit of sheer powder.  If i was going out for the evening, yes i’d probably wear a sheer foundation, just because i’m a makeup-junkie and cannot help myself. But do i really need it? You tell me. My skin is looking fantastic these days, and in the morning, after i put this baby on, all i need to do is slap on moisturizer and forgo the heavy foundation and concealer, thanks to the C-Firma Day Serum by Drunk Elephant.

You will pry this stuff from my cold, dead hands.