Today is “What’s In My Bag” day for the blogging challenge – which i never would have dared to agree to, say, five years ago – when i never cleaned out my purse – and half the contents would have been dried out Gummi Bears and 8 month-old receipts, a lipstick i haven’t worn since 1997, about $50 in pennies, all coated with a healthy layer of sand from Pratt Beach padding the bottom…

But, i’ve wised up since then, and tend to carry a much smaller bag most days, now – saving the bigger one for major shopping excursions and trips to the cafe with my laptop – half the time using a backpack for that. Anyway, this little baby has just enough room for my makeup essentials, my Aqua-Lung (asthma inhaler), and a little cash, ID and insurance card (i have my phone and keys in my pocket).  Before these lovely, care-free minimalist days of the small, stylish Coach bag, my life was a woeful, disorganized mess. I’d lose money, keys, makeup, and important bits of paper on a regular and embarrassing basis. Now, i carry only what’s truly essential, making my life much simpler.

Which is particularly important on a day like today, when i have to go in to the doctor’s office to get my blood levels checked for my liver-function; something i need to do on the regular to check for med-induced liver failure. I’m not really into the idea of having to go on the Black Market for a new liver, especially since i do like my red wine with dinner, so despite the fact that i’m in getting my blood drained every couple of months, in i go again…with my well-organized purse. I didn’t have time or energy to do much makeup-wise, but i put on my Bad-Ass Red lipstick which most definitely would have passed Ms Chanel’s approval, and headed out the door, feeling ready to face the Vampires.

So, what’s in my bag today?

  • Albuterol Inhaler: I’ve been severely asthmatic since i was about 4 or so, hence i carry my Aqua Lung everywhere i go. It’s quite the fashion accessory. I really wish they came in pink, or red, or a nice chartreuse, or something. But alas, no.


  • AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50, #102: Reviewed here. I’ve been using this cushion for just under a month, and i’m really liking it! I don’t generally have to touch up with this much during the day; perhaps just a bit around the nose, as i tend to get a bit red/oily just around the nostrils (gross, i know), and perhaps the chin. But this stuff is pretty fantastic – i carry it mainly for the mirror, and if i need if i need a little extra hydration or coverage during the day, as it’s not very heavy at all. Just a wash of colour, really. And the glow? Just beautiful!


Mul gwang, baby! Courtesy of AmorePacific Cushion Compact and 10-step K-Beauty skincare


  • Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Platinum BlondeI haven’t actually done a full review of this yet, as i just got it – but i’m really liking it (and said review is forthcoming!). I carry my brow pencils with me at all times, which i realize is a bit…weird. But, i’m just going to say it; i suck at drawing in my brows. Here’s the thing – i used to have lovely, thickish eyebrows. But, a few years ago, Hashimoto’s, my autoimmune thyroid disease, really thinned them out – and before i knew it, i had these spindly little Kate Moss, 90’s eyebrows that i just really don’t know how to contend with properly. Yes, i’m a former makeup artist, but it seems like i always draw one on thicker than the other in my attempt to subtly fill them out just a teeny, tiny little bit, without making it obvious or overdone. So, when i get to work, i end up tweaking them a just a skosh to even them out. Every. Single. Time. I can do other people’s brows just fine – it’s just my own jacked-up eyebrows i seem to have a problem with. Le sigh. Anyway, this brow pencil has been making it a lot easier – the angled tip is just the right size and hardness, not to mention ashy-blonde shade, to make things just that much easier in the mornings for me, lately. My brows are finally starting to look normal again! Bye Bye, 1992!


Real eyebrows and Fuck-Off Red Lips! (please excuse the still-damp hair…)


  • Pat McGrath LuxeTrance Lipstick in Sedition: Ah, my current favourite red lipstick – and so perfect for the easy FoTD i did today. And it really fits in with that favourite Chanel quote of mine – “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack”.  Not that i’m sad, per se – just a bit exhausted with doctors. But, this is the sort of lipstick that makes me feel like i can take on the world; even though i hadn’t the time or energy to put on my usual liquid black eyeliner (my cosmetic security blanket), once i had slicked on this Fuck-Off Red lip, i didn’t care anymore.


  • Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab PerfumeLittle Pythia: I love BPAL fragrances; in fact, i have a rather large collection. This one in particular was a Limited Edition offering, so you can’t get it anymore, unless you can find it on eBay, or on the BPAL Forums, but here is the notes description; vanilla frankincense and rose champaca with a little bit of red licorice. It’s quite lovely, warm and cozy on a cold Winter’s day like today! Visit their website to find a scent (or several scents) that work for you! I promise you, you’ll be entranced by their incredible selection of gothic, literary themed smellies.


  • Dr Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30: Reviewed here. I carry this stuff with me wherever i go, to treat and conceal redness and blemishes whenever they crop up on my Special Snowflake skin – which is often. It calms things down right away, and makes my skin look flawless – not just cosmetically. It actually treats the problem, as well! I’m seriously hooked on this stuff, and a teeny, tiny bit goes a long way.


  • Makeup Forever Empty Duo Palette: The lovely woman whose Special Needs son i take care of during the week gave this to me today, so i’m going to fill it with some eye shadows :). We often leave each other little makeup and skincare gifts – things that didn’t work out for us or that we don’t use anymore. Works out well for the both of us!


  • I’m From Ginseng Serum: Reviewed here. If you’ve been reading this blog at all, you know how much i love this serum, and how many times it’s saved my skin from certain doom. So of course, i carry it with me at all times – in the event that i’m dealing with an outbreak of hives/acne, or one happens to crop up on me, all of a sudden. I use it twice a day, religiously, and i often spot-treat with it throughout the day – so i’ve only got 1/3 of a bottle left; i need to be sure to buy more soon! If i run out, surely the world will stop on its axis! *hyperventilates*


Even if my liver is going into med-induced failure, at least i look good!


Also wearing in this post:

So, there you have it! Keeping things simple for a fairly hectic day – but after all, a girl can’t face a thing like liver-checks without her lipstick! And hours later, i still haven’t had to retouch it! Anyway, who wants to worry about one’s lipstick when waiting around to get stuck with various needles and getting lectured by ones doctor about blah blah blah being on the highest dose of Topamax blah blah liver failure blah coming in more frequently blah (i’m quite literally in every 4 months, but apparently they neglected to check last time – not my oversight, but theirs) …but at least my bag is nice and pared down and organized, and i know exactly where my insurance card is.

What are the essentials that are in your bag? Aside from year-old Gummi Bears, i mean…

XO – Monday