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Monday’s Sick Day - Hydrators for the Face, Chanel Les 9 Ombres for the Eyes, and Chicken Soup for the Soul

January 23, 2018
Oh, please - this was me yesterday, trying out the new Chanel Les 9 Ombres Palette (notice how my pink eyeshadow matches my pillowcase?) and Charlotte Tilbury lip. Today, you don't even want to know how i look...but you will. Keep reading. Well, it’s finally hit me – whatever this nasty bug that’s been...
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K-Beauty Masks for Lips (yes, lips) and Face That Will Save Both From Falling Off This Winter, Plus Killer Fuschia Lips by Mother McGrath

January 4, 2018
After spending the past week or so with my face feeling like it's been dipped repeatedly in dry ice, i've been having to step up my mask game. No longer will i mock those who mask every night as obsessive weirdos! No, in fact, if i could find a super-cheap sheet-mask source, i'd be all over that shit - you better...
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Snail Slime & Bamboo Galore! Back to Choc Choc for Some Cool News, Snail Goo, and a Fantastic New Gauze Sheet Mask

December 26, 2017
Christmas gift from Choc Choc!! <3 Lately, my skin has been in need of some SERIOUS healing. With the weather dropping down to -2; some over-zealous chemical exfoliation of late (because more is better, right...?!); my body, i suspect, suddenly going perimenipausal on me; and a weather-induced flare-up of my...
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Sick Chick’s Guide to the Mean Reds – Throw Yourself a Masked Ball! With a Review of Skinfood's Brussels Sprouts Sheet Mask

December 21, 2017
For veracity’s sake, I’m not wearing any makeup - Beauty Blogger, indeed... So today, i’m feeling a bit under the weather – it’s that time of year for an auto-immune flare, and on top of that, i’m about due for the ol’ Crimson Wave; so i’m feeling about as fabulous as you’d expect. Cramps,...
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