Hello, my little kumquats!

It’s been awhile – and while i realize that disappearing for months after only two posts on a new blog is hardly the way to gain confidence in said new blog, i do have a valid excuse – which is that i had to extricate myself from a very unhealthy relationship. This started off with a week long hospital stay and ended with me finding a nice little apartment in the city with my two young cats, Calvin and Fritz.

So while i’ve been gone, i’ve recently (after spending quite a bit of time being pretty damn broke) had the opportunity to test out quite a few products, in the pursuit of taking extra-good care of myself, pampering myself, and generally trying to make myself feel like an extra-special princess after said ordeal.

There’s nothing like a failed relationship, especially if that relationship was…shall we say…difficult, to take a toll on a woman’s looks.  And if you’re dealing with health issues, it can most certainly be counted on to bring on a flare-up.  It certainly did with me. So by the time i was safely moved into my new apartment, i was 25 lbs skinnier and my skin was positively ashen – i had aged about 10 years, at least that’s how it looked to me.

So, i decided to embark on a SERIOUS skin-care quest, and was willing to spend quite a lot of cash (well, we’re not talking La Prairie cash here, but still, a lot for ME) in order to get my skin back to its usual youthful glow. I’ve always taken pride in the fact that people always guess my age at least 10-15 years younger than my actual years – but the way i was looking now? Let’s just say i was MORE than looking my age. I was looking haggard. Grey skin, fine lines, sallowness, even a bit of sagging due to the extreme weight loss, which now has me a bit underweight…a disaster, indeed.

Enter Drunk Elephant products, which i will be reviewing several in the line over the next few days, because these are some pretty damn good skincare products, people.

Today, I’m reviewing the T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum.  I sort of accidentally fell into trying this product as a result of another product falling a bit short of expectations for me. I had been using a large sample tube of the ubiquitous and acclaimed Sunday Riley’s Good Genes, which uses lactic acid as its main ingredient to resurface the skin. I’d been using it for a couple of months, and by that point, really felt i should have been seeing a big difference in the texture of my skin.  I’d been using it in conjunction with the Luna oil (which i love, more on that later in another review), but…meh.  It FELT like it was working, which for me was like “alright! This painful stinging MUST mean SOMETHING, right???”  But alas, not so much.  Mainly all it had managed to do was confuse my cats with its strong odour of lemongrass and feline pee.

Then, browsing Sephora one day, i ran across the Drunk Elephant shelves, and saw the T.L.C Framboos stuff.  Well, for one thing, it was cheaper…still bloody expensive, but cheaper.  I perused the ingredients, and indeed, it uses lactic acid as well, but also glycolic and AHA.  Not having the cash on me at the time, and wanting to try it out, i asked for a sample, then went home and did some research. The first night i used it, i had a nasty zit trying to break the surface – one of those mean, cystic hormonal zits that hurt when you look at them. Well, even though this stuff didn’t sting nearly as much as the Sunday Riley stuff when i applied a thin layer over my beloved Luna oil, by the next morning, not only was that nasty zit reduced to a mere shadow of its former self (and gone by the following morning after another application), but when i looked in the mirror, i was floored.  My skin was literally glowing, my darlings. GLOWING. Do you know how long it has been since my skin has glowed???  I mean.

So of course, that weekend i had to go out and buy a bottle of this magic elixir. It’s gentle enough to use every night, yet it literally will transform your skin. Two and a half weeks in, and my skin looks absolutely amazing, in conjunction with their C-Firma Day Serum. I’ve tried just about everything in their line, but if i had to recommend anything, it would be those two products (and i’ll do a review of the C-Firma Day Serum tomorrow).

Below is a photo in sunlight of me sans foundation – i don’t even bother with it anymore, because i don’t need it.  I’m wearing a little bit of primer and a very, VERY sheer powder and that’s it. Look at how my skin is glowing – i mean, seriously. Wow.

Right now, at Sephora and on the Drunk Elephant website, you can get starter kits for a decent price in order to try out several of their excellent products, which is what I did – I got a full size of the Framboos and several other generous trial size products for the price of the one product in the gift set called “Hot Date” (yeah, right), plus a discount using one of my Sephora 10% off cards  – because I try never to pay full price if I can help it, as I am a cheap broad.

They are a “clean” company, meaning they don’t use a lot of crap you don’t need on your skin which will irritate or provoke sensitive skin. You can read all about it on their website.

Bottom line, this product, along with their Day Serum, has seriously transformed my skin. I look younger and healthier and hormonal breakouts are a thing of the past. The hit to the wallet is a bit steep, yes, but the much-needed boost to my self-esteem?

That’s friggin’ priceless.